A Peek Inside the Mind of a CEO

A Peek Inside the Mind of a CEO image Time to Think 300x200A Peek Inside the Mind of a CEOThe CEO Boot Camp is the flagship event at CEO Connection, the organization I work with which is focused on connecting CEOs of Mid-Market companies – those with revenues between $100 million and $3 billion. At the Boot Camp our member CEOs focus on four critical aspects of their leadership roles: their leadership approach itself, talent management, communication and governance.

What I always hear during the coffee breaks is how much they appreciate the chance to “take a step back” and reflect on how they’ve been executing in their role.

At the tail end of the most recent CEO Boot Camp, participants shared what was on their mind in regards to what they would do differently upon returning to their offices. I hope you find this peek into their minds revealing in some way:

1. Manage the Message

  • This boot camp was a wakeup call that I wasn’t behaving like me. I know the right thing to do. The message I send in my usual manner sets the tone I need to send. I know the impact of decisions on others. I actually stepped out (of the session) and moved on one issue. Differently tomorrow doesn’t work for me. It’s different in the next hour.
  • Want to re-craft future vision of the company.
  • Tying vision to founder’s legacy is key.
  • Carry messages of “noble intent” and “BRAVE (Behaviors, Relationships, Attitudes, Values, Environment) authenticity” -both coined by George Bradt at PrimeGenesis- to everyone. The deeper you can push that in the organization the better.
  • Put a different lens on thinking about vision of the company. Intolerance of poor performance.

2. Manage the People

  • Get the right people in the right seats on the bus. I’ve learned that ten times. But I haven’t learned it. I always know intuitively what to do. And then I don’t pull the trigger. I don’t want to admit failure on my own part when I can’t rehabilitate someone. Other times I value their experience. Got to get it done.
  • Taking swift and decisive action. Will go forward with our RIF.
  • Will move to have a mix of some new and some old people in the organization. Need to inject some new thoughts.
  • Filling three senior level positions with the right people.

3. Manage Myself and My Time

  • Delegation and not doing as much myself. Found the six part framework re delegation particularly valuable – put it in my notebook. REFERENCE: The six-part framework for delegation was created by George Bradt at PrimeGenesis-> Delegation Framework: Level 1 – do myself well Level 2 – do myself Level 3 – delegate and manage Level 4 – delegate Level 5 – not now Level 6 – not ever
  • Must get much more external. Think about “world back.”

Did any of this surprise you? What types of insights do you typically gain when you “take a step back” from your day to day leadership activities?


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