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    Superhero-themed bionic hands for young amputees

    Add / Remove With the advent of 3D printing, the options for those in need of a prosthetic hand have significantly broadened. We have already written... More »

    Gender-neutral ‘middlewear’ for people in transition

    Add / Remove Gender-neutral clothing is becoming more and more common — stores such as UNIQLO, American Apparel and Opening Ceremony regularly offer... More »

    Web history transformed into printable newspaper

    Add / Remove Creating physical objects from digital content is a growing trend — we’ve already seen a newspaper made up of users’ favorite online... More »

    Innovation Culture Bulletin: Illuminated

    Add / Remove “There is a rusty light on the pines tonight; sun pouring wine, lord, or marrow” —Joanna Newsom. As we enter colder months in the... More »

    Anyone can help with crowdsourcing future antibiotics

    Add / Remove We’ve seen examples of researchers utilizing crowdsourcing to expand their datasets, such as a free mobile app where users help find... More »

    Email filter system cleans up any inbox

    Add / Remove Over 205 billion emails are sent everyday and the majority of these come from the business world, so it is no wonder that important... More »

    Platform helps optimize emotion in web content

    Add / Remove Digital analysts are increasingly examining content from a more human perspective — we recently saw Crystal help users compose... More »

    Biscuit company encourages compliments at traffic lights

    Add / Remove After the success of their Feeding New Friends campaign, where designated bus seats encouraged socializing, Zeze Biscuits have been... More »

    Reconfigurable rooms built by tiny robots

    Add / Remove In most cities, the rising price of real estate far outstrips residents’ incomes, forcing them into smaller and smaller living and... More »

    Smart device translates tail wags into chinwags

    Add / Remove The tech-pet industry never ceases to delight — we’ve seen everything from cat selfie feeding devices that tracks health, to geofencing... More »

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