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    How Does Your Social Media Marketing Measure Up?

    Is your small business using social media marketing? If you are, you’re in good company. Some 96 percent of business owners, marketers and... More »


    Should You Let Your Kids Help With Your Social Media Marketing?

    You don’t get social media. You know it’s important to your business, but you’re simply not a digital native. Heck, you might not... More »


    5 Things First-Time Entrepreneurs Think They Need—But They Don’t

    In an age where striking out to start your own business takes little more than a laptop and a WordPress site, many of us still fail to “start... More »


    Recognize Your Team Members With a Kudos Board

    We spend nearly 40 hours in and around the office during a normal workweek. Add in the time spent working at home or staying late, because finding an... More »


    8 Forgotten Marketing Talks You Need To Watch

    Marketing trends come and go, but there are fundamental ideas that continue to be the framework for successful approaches to finding, engaging, and... More »


    Negotiating an Acquisition Letter of Intent

    In acquisitions of privately held companies, a letter of intent/term sheet is often entered into by both parties. The purpose of the letter of intent... More »


    Women and Loans: How We Can Fix the Small Business Lending Gender Gap

    Are you a woman? Are you interested in starting a business? If so, there are many resources that can provide you with the advice and guidance you... More »


    Tips for Building a Business Website on a Budget

    If you’ve recently created a new business, I’d first like to offer my congratulations. It takes a lot of bravery, perseverance, time, and resources... More »


    What Entrepreneurs Should Do After They Sell Their Company

    As an entrepreneur, you may eventually be fortunate enough to build up your company to the point at which you are able to sell it for a considerable... More »


    How to Manage Your Life From Your Smartphone

    Thanks to technology, it’s possible to take care of almost anything, no matter where you are, from the palm of your hand. You can run your business... More »

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