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    IRS reporting for employers with self-funded plans

    Under the Affordable Care Act, employers who self-fund their employee health care are required to submit informational reporting about minimum... More »

    Use benefits to tame millennials’ job-hopping ways

    U.S. workers’ habits and demands are constantly evolving. Today’s employees aren’t like those of yesteryear — they don’t take jobs and remain in... More »

    Online enrollment climbs; employees express high expectations for their enrollment experience

    The 2015 Aflac WorkForces Report Open Enrollment Survey examines benefits and HR trends affecting businesses and their employees. Several years of... More »

    You can’t control life, but you can make sure your employees are covered

    As a small business owner, you know that a solid benefits package can boost your ability to attract rock star employees, and increase productivity... More »

    Recruiting tactics getting stale? Here’s how a gin company reinvigorated theirs

    “Reinvigorating a salesforce…may mean recruiting candidates that seem unlikely at first. But look for proximity to the product—and a personal... More »

    Halloween: When fairy tales become scary tales

    Halloween revelers and scary-movie fans enjoy brushes with imaginary death in the form of vampires, zombies, mummies, ghostly specters and other... More »

    Pay, play or play differently? 4 strategies for employers

    There’s plenty of talk surrounding health care reform and whether employers should “pay or play.” The popular phrase refers to a business’s choice to... More »

    Simple ways to help protect employees against unexpected medical insurance costs

    Health care reform protects your employees from runaway health care costs with government-regulated limits, right? The answer is yes, but with a... More »

    3 powerful reasons for businesses to embrace a good cause

    Giving is more than an altruistic act of kindness. Embracing a good cause can have a powerful impact on society and a positive impact on a company’s... More »

    Open enrollment ahead: 5 reasons to add voluntary insurance to your benefits options

    Changes to the U.S. health care system have turned workers’ attention to their personal health care spending. They want to know where their... More »

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