Packaging That Sells

    By Prashant Pinge | Small Business

    Consumerism has gripped the world. But so has competition. Whether it is the Internet or physical retail space, products are not only competing for space but also for eyeballs. Given the state of affairs, customers tend to ignore most products due to the overwhelming number of choices in the market. So what is it that can really make a difference? The packaging, of course. Not only is it something that is close to the point of sale, but it is also something that can catch the eye and sway the purchasing decision. And it is this very packaging that can relegate products into obscurity as well.

    Packaging allows customers to physically engage with your brand. A customer doesn’t touch the product most of the times. It is the packaging that is touched. Hence, brands need to pay a lot of attention when it comes to such attributes of packaging as the size, shape, colours, material etc. At the same time, care must be taken that the packaging reflects the brand essence and attracts the targeted audience. The actual products, if stacked on the shelves without any packaging, would be really difficult to distinguish. But cover them with packaging, and they stand out in their own different ways.

    The other thing with packaging is that it is close to the point of sale. It is the time when customers can still be swayed, no matter what they may have decided. If the packaging catches their attention, then it will at least prompt them to take a second look, whether it’s online or in the physical world. So yes, the packaging has to look great whether it’s on your website or stacked on the shelves. But please do not go overboard, so much so that the packaging not only adds significantly to the cost but also doesn’t align with the product inside. Conversely, do ensure that the product lives up to the packaging as well.

    So if you want your products to fly off the shelves, work a little more on getting your packaging right.

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