How to Do Your Own Social Media Audit: Goals and Strategies

How to Do Your Own Social Media Audit: Goals and Strategies image social media audit setting goalsHow to Do Your Own Social Media Audit: Goals and StrategiesThis is the third post in my “How to Do Your Own Social Media Audit” series!

In order to “get anywhere” using social media, or anywhere else, you have to have a goal! Without a goal, you’re not going to be able to really know if you’re doing anything right. You won’t know if you are building anything worthwhile, and ultimately, it’s just wasting your time.


Have you written down the goals you want to meet? Do you know how you plan to measure those goals? Some goals can be very simple, such as “Get to 50 Likes on the Facebook Page” or they can be a little more complex “Earn at least $500 from Pinterest”. You need to figure out what goals you want to meet as well as determine a time frame for those goals.

Example: “I want to reach 50 Likes on my Facebook page by the end of the month.”

Take some time and write down at least three goals you would like to reach on social media. They can be simple if you’re just starting out, but write them down. It’s important.

Strategy is Everything

Do you know how you are going to meet those goals we just wrote down? Do you have a strategy? Do you have a plan for each platform and what kinds of posts or content you are going to share and when and how? Without a strategy, you cannot expect to meet any of your goals.

Example: “I will actively search for “likes” on Facebook by offering a coupon for anyone that likes the page.”

Part of your strategy is going to be looking at what your competitors are doing and what is working, or not, for them. We’ll look at that later. Right now, take some time and figure out a strategy for how you want to reach those three goals. Don’t worry about how detailed or extravagant it is. Something to start with is better than nothing at all.

What goals have you reached lately?

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