Overview of Laptops as VoIP Service Tools

    By Leiden Johnson | Small Business

    Overview of Laptops as VoIP Service Tools image voip service 300x225Overview of Laptops as VoIP Service ToolsEvery gadget today has its place in our daily lives. Smartphones have been well used as the most basic, yet the most advanced communication technology to date. It has features that breach the boundaries between mobile phones and computers, which make it an ideal pocket gadget to carry.

    Laptops on the other hand have a great difference from smartphones. They are obviously bigger, bulkier and heavier. But they are more powerful, packed with more features and functions, more durable and has more usage than any smartphone. This makes this gadget an ideal tool for businessmen in their daily operations.

    Before a businessman decides to utilize laptops as their main business gadget, he has to be aware first of the pros and cons of using one. It might be one of the best gadgets to be utilized for business purposes; it still has its downsides that might discourage business owners from utilizing them. Though the benefits are clearly greater than its pitfalls, businessmen must still take care before choosing one.

    Upsides of using laptops

    • Battery dependent

    One of the best features of laptops is that it runs in its battery. This means, the user would not need to always be plugged in to be able to utilize the gadget. Users would only have to be charged when the battery is depleted or low. They can also carry with them a spare battery in case there is no power outlet where they are going.

    • Mobile and flexible

    Having a battery of its own means that laptops can be used anywhere. Users don’t have to be stuck in a desktop beside a power outlet. They can carry their work with them in a car, plane, ship, or in an open space. All they need to have is a surface to place their laptops on and they can start working.

    • Cheap and available

    There are different laptop manufacturers spread across the globe. Business owners would not have any problem looking for a laptop for sale in almost every corner of the world. Most laptops nowadays are cheap yet powerful enough to perform basic function for the business’ operation.

    • Feature packed and powerful

    Most laptops nowadays are as powerful as a standard desktop computer. Because of our present, advanced technology, ultrabooks and tablet hybrids have been created. This gives laptops an edge over desktop computers. Power and function that can be carried around virtually anywhere. They can easily perform VoIP services like RingCentral phone service.

    Downsides of using laptops

    • Problems with battery usage

    Having a battery might be one of the best things about a laptop; it also carries with it a drawback. Battery capacity might not be as impressive as it sounds. Most laptops normally have a battery capacity of 4-8 hours of usage. During long trips, this battery life might not be enough. Having to buy a spare battery would be expensive and a burden to carry.

    • Can’t be used with one hand

    Laptops are virtually difficult to utilize with one hand. So while carrying it, users might not be able to use these gadgets. They have to find a table, or any other surfaces, that they can lay their laptops down for usage.

    • Fragile and  delicate

    Because of its compact design and build, laptops are very fragile and delicate. One wrong drop might render the gadget in need of major repairs. There are durable laptops that are available in the market today. However, these laptops have a very high price tag, which no ordinary person can simply afford.

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