Outsmart and Outsell Your Competitors With a Google Adwords Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing is a powerful way to help your paid search campaign and keep you engaged with your audience. It allows you to present your target consumers with relevant advertisements and keeps your brand on their minds when they decide they’re ready to commit to a product.

Google remarketing gives you a second chance, allowing you to target those who clicked through your site and maybe even put items into a shopping cart, but didn’t make a final purchase.

You already know that PPC advertising can get expensive. If a potential customer clicks on your site, but doesn’t make a purchase, that’s advertising money lost. Google Remarketing redeems some of that lost cost and ensures your advertising budget is being utilized to its full advantage.

Below are five ways remarketing can help you target for maximum pay-per-click conversions:

  1. Buyers based on pages visited

Google Adwords allows you to target specific buyers based on the pages of your website they visit. You’re able to track who is looking at which products, which can help you tailor your pay-per-click campaign to reach those customers.

  1. Reach visitors who made a purchase

It can be easier to persuade those who have already purchased on your website to buy again than to convince those who haven’t purchased yet. Google remarketing helps you track consumers who made it to the purchase confirmation page, so you can use your paid search campaign to display advertisements to past buyers for products similar to what they’ve already purchased. You can also target those customers with coupons or additional freebies to entice them to make a second – or third purchase.

  1. Reach visitors who did not purchase

Often, customers will like your PPC advertisement and look at your website, but then leave without purchasing anything. The fact that your PPC campaign encouraged them to click is a good sign, and remarketing allows you to entice them again when you’re running a special offer or launching a new product.

  1. Have control over your advertisement time

Remarketing is useful in pay-per-click campaigns because it allows you to determine how long your advertising campaign will run. The default Google sets is 30 days, but after looking at the buying habits of your customers you can adjust the length. If you’re reaching a lot of customers with your PPC advertisements, you can extend the campaign to increase sales possibilities. You can also set a maximum number of times that a particular user can see the ad in one day.

  1. Target those who almost buy

If your PPC campaign is successful, users will click on your link, shop around your website and fill their shopping cart with products. But many potential customers change their minds at the last minute. It’s possible that something came up and they had to leave the computer. Maybe they wanted to check their budget before making a purchase. Whatever the reason, Google remarketing has a feature that allows you to create custom lists that tell you which items a user put into a cart but did not buy. You can send those customers advertisements to induce them to come back for a future purchase.

Remarketing helps your company get the most for your money with your PPC campaign. It can increase your conversion rate at a low cost. To make sure you’re getting everything you can out of your PPC and remarketing campaigns, contact a PPC management company today.

Webrageous Studios exclusively employs Google AdWords pay per click experts so you can be sure your company is in the right hands. Call 530-553-4111 or visit Webrageous.com for more information.

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