Outpatient recovery plans managed through app

It is a given that improvements in medical technology benefit both doctors and patients, but can the use of consumer electronics in a therapeutic setting have a similar effect? JiffPad has already harnessed the iPad to help patients better understand their doctor’s terminology, and now Wellframe is an app that enables healthcare professionals to give those with chronic conditions a program to follow once they leave hospital.

One problem that patients have once they’ve been discharged is remembering exactly what they need to do to aid their recovery or keep their condition in check. Equally, doctors can’t accurately track what sufferers of chronic illnesses are doing in between hospital visits. Wellframe allows professionals to set individual daily to-do lists for their patients, who can unlock them on their own smartphones using an activation code issued by their doctor. They can then mark the tasks they’ve done and give feedback, which is delivered to medical staff through their private dashboard. Although Wellframe is currently focused on cardiac rehabilitation, it could be broadened to encompass other conditions in the future.

The app enables patients to improve without hands-on help from doctors, who nevertheless can continue to monitor their patients remotely. Considering doctors are often strapped for time, keeping an eye on patients once they have left their care may be an unlikely expectation. But so long as patient privacy is respected, could this be part of the future of healthcare?

Website: www.wellfra.me
Contact: info@wellfra.me

Spotted by: Murtaza Patel

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