ORM is More than Just SEO

    By Zac Johnson | Small Business

    A common misconception in the world of internet marketing, branding and ORM is that the if you know how to do SEO then you should be able to manage your own online reputation and results in the search engines.

    While many ORM services do rely on SEO to get higher rankings in the search results, if you rely on SEO along you are not going to find success in managing your online reputation and may even end up with worse results!

    Anton recently posted on this same discussion over at Memeburn and had four key points why ORM is not just SEO, and why it’s important for all businesses to know the difference. This points were focused on the following:

    1. Search engine optimization
    2. Research who posted the negative comment
    3. Avoid black hat SEO
    4. Use social media to spread the word

    SEO is always going to play an important part of online reputation management because what people see in the search results first is what is going to sway their decisions to use a service or not. If you are well versed in SEO and can rank web sites, this is a great strategy for improving the rankings of your sites and content, but you will also be in a never ending battle to rank above and against some of the most popular and powerful review sites on the internet (ie: tripadviser, yelp, google reviews)

    Having the ability to search out and find who is posting bad reviews or content about a name brand or service or key. This is one of the crucial steps to follow that does not specifically include SEO knowledge, but it can help. When researching the person and location of negative reviews, be sure not fight back with them online for everyone to see and if you are going to attempt to remove the content, it’s best to contact the site owner directly.

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    Also be sure to check out our “Five Online Reputation Management Tips for Businesses” post!

    Getting back to SEO again, it’s extremely important for you to avoid the use of all black hat methods. While blackhat methods such as link spamming can work for your site rankings short term, if Google finds out what you are doing they can take action against all your sites and make the situation even worse!

    Social media is your enemy… and your friend! With over a billion people on the major social networks around the world it’s one of the driving forces for negative reviews and headaches for big brand names. At the same time social networks can be great for ORM for anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort. Build a great following for your brand and engage with your audience and you will find it much easier to get positive reviews and responses from your customers and audience.

    The internet is rapidly changing and now anyone with internet access can voice their opinion, feedback and reviews and then be heard by millions. Online reputation management for your personal or business brand is crucial to staying ahead of any negative comments of activity that you may come across at any given time.

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