Online tools to help you simplify operations and save cash

Most small business owners are do-it-yourselfers; they get things done by seeking out resources and work hard to keep costs down. The Internet has made it easier for many small business owners to track down tools and resources to manage business operations - and usually for free, or at a very low cost. Online tools and apps can help you save on the cost of hiring someone to handle some basic administrative tasks, and can even streamline some of your business operations.

Here are some online tools that can help you simplify operations and save some money:

Track Business Financials with

If you want a simple way to manage the business budget, analyze transactions, and keep track of your financial goals, use free services like I like this program and app because it breaks everything down into charts and graphs. You just need to plug in the numbers and you'll see a breakdown of all transactions. automatically updates and categorizes information you enter as you go, so you can spend less time reviewing expenditures and transactions at the end of each business day. This is a great application and program for both business and personal use.

Host Meetings with

If you work with freelancers or have employees who work from home, setting up a meeting can be a costly event. Use tools like to organize your training sessions, group meetings, or just to collaborate on a project at the last minute. Everyone logs in to a virtual meeting space where they can share documents, write on a shared whiteboard, chat with each other, or watch a presentation. This tool makes it simple to set up and coordinate a meeting, regardless of location. You'll save time and money by setting up your meetings virtually and also streamline operations.

Manage Internal and External Communications with Skype

Whether you want to host a video conference, call a client overseas, or talk to a team member at another office location, Skype is one of the most cost-friendly communication tools you can use for your small business. The Skype app makes it easy to stay connected with your mobile device. It's one of the most efficient VOIP phone services available and also one of the most widely-used applications - most of your clients and vendors are already on Skype so it can be easier to get in touch with people during a busy workday.

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