Online Shopping Habits of Moms: 11 Stats To Know

    By Katie Petrillo | Small Business

    As the Household CEO and key decision maker for important purchases like cars, electronics, groceries, and more, it’s no surprise that moms spend a great deal of their time shopping for the family. What is surprising is how much of their shopping is completed online, from a computer or tablet, or even a smartphone. In a recent white paper, we dug into all of the data around the life of digital moms, from tablets to email marketing to online shopping, and much more.

    Take a look at these 11 facts that shed some light on the online shopping behaviors of today’s digital mom:

    1. 25% of moms are registered “daily deals” users, versus 14% of the general population. Edison Research
    2. 36% of moms shop for deals to stick to a budget, while 23% say their main motivation is the thrill of saving money. Ginger Consulting
    3. Nearly 6 in 10 moms have bought something because a brand posted a coupon or discount on a social networking site. BabyCenter
    4. Moms are 50% more likely to buy toys and 35% more likely to shop for clothes online than the average consumer. Nielsen
    5. Three out of four women identify themselves as the primary shoppers for their household. The Next Web
    6. 78% of women use the internet for product information before making a purchase. The Next Web
    7. Of moms with smartphones, 62% use shopping apps. TechCrunch
    8. Nearly all moms — 95% — seek out digital direct offers.
    9. 68% of moms use their smartphones while shopping. Heartland Mobile Council
    10. 46% of moms want to receive information on their mobile device while in the store. TechCrunch
    11. 56% of online moms share coupons on social media. eMarketer

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    Online shopping is only one compelling area of the digital mom’s life (did you know that more than half of moms are addicted to their smartphones?) For a complete look at the digital mom, including what she does on social media, how she uses her tablet, and just how addicted she is to her smartphone, download the free white paper.

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