The Online Marketing Tools Our Inbound Marketers Are Most Thankful For

As a full-service inbound marketing agency, we definitely understand the challenges associated with creating, maintaining, and analyzing a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. Whether you’re trying to manage content promotion, measure your site’s SEO performance, or nurture your leads, all of these things can take substantial amounts of time. Luckily, through several years of experience, we’ve been able to stumble across a few tools that help make our jobs as inbound marketers a little easier. To help save you some time (and headaches) on your inbound marketing efforts, here’s a list of the marketing tools some of the team is most thankful for:

Tool of choice: LinkedIn“I honestly don’t know how I did business development before LinkedIn. Whether I’m doing quick background research on a lead, learning more about a prospect company, or trying to get some fresh opinions on an issue or problem, LinkedIn is a one stop shop with all the information I need. On top of that, I’m constantly using LinkedIn to research and learn, distribute content, and to build relationships. I would be absolutely lost without it. “


Tool of choice: Weidert Group’s Content Worksheets & Template
“I use these worksheets to ensure that each piece of content we create is focused on a specific target, addresses a relevant challenge of his or hers, reinforces our competitive advantage, and provides meaningful value with each piece of content we create. The templates are also great for maintaining a consistent look and feel through each piece of content, which helps with brand awareness.”

Tool of choice: Trello

“As the Production Manager, Trello is a great organizational tool for me. With Trello, I can assign work and deadlines and send notifications to all of the team members. It conveniently allows you to set up different boards for various job categories, and use individual job cards and lists for different projects or tasks. As the tasks are completed, cards can be moved to different lists on the board. I can even include notes, attachments, links, and start conversations on the cards. The best part of it all? Trello isn’t limited to internal users. I can create and share boards with any collaborative partner.”
Tool of choice: Buffer

The Online Marketing Tools Our Inbound Marketers Are Most Thankful For image buffer logoThe Online Marketing Tools Our Inbound Marketers Are Most Thankful …“Throughout my day I can be a little ADD between checking emails and social media feeds. I never know when I may come across something that I want to read later or share with my network on Twitter versus my LinkedIn connections. Buffer is a tool that makes it as easy as one click to tee up a new blog article in my Twitter queue or share an interesting article with my LinkedIn connections. I love that I can also forget about the need for scheduling my posts since Buffer does it for me based on my specific schedule that I set months ago. So, if I have 20 free minutes in my day I can add some more valuable content to my social accounts that will be posted later rather than flooding my followers’ feeds all at once.”

Tool of choice: DropBox
“DropBox is a great tool for me, because it allows me to collaborate with clients on projects, timelines, plans, etc. while making sure we all have access to the latest version – no need to email versions back and forth. Plus, it allows all of us access to the important files no matter where we are, or what computer we have access to. It’s invaluable in situations where large files need to be shared among a team that’s not all in one location (which can often be the case in online marketing).“

Tool of choice: HubSpot’s Social Media Tool
“HubSpot’s jack-of-all-trades social media tool is a lifesaver to any marketer. The scheduling/publishing function is my favorite part of the tool in particular. Managing multiple social media profiles can be tricky, especially if you’re making daily posts. However, with the tool, scheduling posts a week or more out is simple once you have the initial set-up complete, which includes setting times and network defaults. You can even monitor your own mentions and search for keywords! It’s social media made easy peasy.“
Tool of choice: Google Keyword Planner and HubSpot Keyword Tool
“I couldn’t pick just one, because each tool compliments the other nicely! The HubSpot Keyword Tool is great for tracking specific keywords on your site ever since Google hid keyword data from us. Google’s Keyword Planner is well suited for doing your initial keyword research, especially since it generates alternate keywords based off of your initial inputs. Google’s tool also gives a nice overview on what type of traffic to expect. It’s all geared towards paid ads but a clever inbound marketer can use it for organic keyword traffic as well. Each tool has its own limitations but together you’ll have a solid platform to conduct SEO research with confidence.”

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