Online logins verified via smartphone

Earlier this year we wrote about Keyfree Login, a browser add-on that unlocks users’ online accounts only when their cell phone is in proximity. Now, a Las Vegas-based startup – LaunchKey – is hoping to make passwords redundant by verifying logins through smartphones.

Using LaunchKey, accounts are linked to the users phone. The username is typed in when logging into a site and – instead of a prompt for a password on the screen – a notification on the handset appears. In order to proceed, a button is pressed to confirm the login or cancel the request. Security is increased due to the fact that users need to have a second device present to log in and receive a notification if someone else is trying to access their account. It also means that sites would no longer have to store user passwords in locations that have the potential to be hacked. The following video explains the startup’s ideas more fully:

Although there are potential flaws with this model – it is unclear how users can login if they leave their phone at home or it runs out of battery – could this be the future of online security?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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