Online Advertising: How Rich is Your Media?

Online Advertising: How Rich is Your Media?  image 31.01Online Advertising: How Rich is Your Media?

Although you may occasionally find simple ad banners at web-pages even today, rich media have already conquered the world’s market, without any doubt, much due to their being more interactive, and thus, more attractive for users. The essentiality of rich media for your business promotion has, in fact, reached such heights, that you can’t hope for your online advertising campaign to be successful, unless you apply such formats in the banner creation.

And it goes further more. Even though rich media ads, obviously, rule on the global market nowadays, they’re still continuously modified, not to mention more cutting-edge variations, introduced to the public.

In this respect, the most important aspect for launching effective campaigns of yours has moved from the mere usage of rich media to the usage of the freshest and the most engaging of those. Picking up the format, which will fit you best, in this respect, is seemingly a very complicated matter, requiring detailed analysis of your potential target audience and the selected ad placement as well. However, the diversity of available rich media has become so impressive now, that you can’t but eventually come up with the perfect choice for you.

As mentioned above, the multitude of disposable rich media options is, apparently, enormous; yet, it would be, naturally, useful to say at least a few words about the hottest ones. These happen to increase your clients’ feedback and, consequently, enhance your sales rates to a considerable extent.

Namely, one of the interesting innovative solutions is related to PushDown advertisements, which move the page content down, while expanding on the user’s screen. Including either a picture or flash content, such ads fold back after the display or may also be closed manually, in case the user isn’t interested.

What is special about PushDown format is that there have already been presented their several so to say subtypes: PushDown and PushDown (Rising Stars), the latter referring to the format, initially developed by IAB and being provided by most younger competitors on the ad serving market (e.g. Epom ad server).

As for mobile rich media, one of the most popular formats is recognized to be the Slider, featuring several pictures/flash pieces that will scroll on the screen of users’ smartphones and tablets. Likewise as PushDowns, Sliders have already been added to the enabled features within the vast majority of mobile ad servers (like already mentioned Epom or Right Media, for example).

Whatever it takes, the quality of your product or service still remains the prior issue, no matter how well you’re advertising the brand. Nonetheless, is it enough to swell your revenue? Well, we already know the answer.

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