The One Video Every Company Should Have? Not What You Think

The One Video Every Company Should Have? Not What You Think image 012032283 desert island coastline after 300x199The One Video Every Company Should HaveWe’ve all been asked that old hypothetical “desert island” chestnut. What’s one book, movie, or food you would bring if stranded on an island?

Your website is an island on the vast and frightening high sea of the internet. If you had to post one video on your island, what should it be?

The Infamous “About Us” Video

Your first instinct is a good one. An “About Us” type of video is absolutely one of the most common. You want viewers to know exactly who you are and what you can provide them with. But for the time and energy it takes to produce a good one, is an “About Us” video really the best place to start? On our most recent episode of Video Pep Talk (watch the full episode at the bottom of the post) we put this common theory to the test. Let’s recap a bit about what makes a good “About Us” video and then we can decide if it’s really worthy of its throne as one of the most essential video types.

Should the “About Us” be more… about them?

It’s commonly known that avoiding scripted “talking head” style videos is best, especially if all you do is talk about how great your company is. This will prompt your viewer to quickly say, “So what?” and stop watching. If you are doing a graphical or animated video scripted material is great, otherwise it can come off as contrived and frankly, a bit cheesy. Off the cuff style interviews can be more effective simply because it is seen as a bit more natural and entertaining, but the most important consideration of all is this: it is important for the viewer to know about your company, but what they really want to know is how you can help them.

Provide Solutions

When shooting that first video, give your viewer something they can use. Use sites like to find out what people want to know about and if your company can provide an answer, do it. You can also solicit questions on your website and answer them. When it comes to answering those questions, use your staff so that customers know whom they would be talking to in a store or if they were to call you. Your staff is full of knowledgeable people who can easily answer questions in an unscripted and therefore more natural way. If you put an employee in their element and ask them questions they would normally answer, you will come out with some great content for your video. There are lots of places to find ideas for videos that solve problems right under your nose.


So, while an “About Us” video may be a good place to start if long as it addresses a question or prospective concern, continually posting fresh content that serves your viewers’ needs and solves their problems is the best strategy to maintain your island’s relevance in an ever-expanding digital ocean.

Watch the full episode below and tune in for our weekly Video Pep Talks on Google+ Hangouts over the Air every Wednesday for more thoughts on digital video marketing and communications.

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