One Thing Marketers Aren’t Doing (That You Need To!)

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So you use one of our apps, maybe Etsy, maybe PayPal to add people to our mailing list. (If you don’t, this is actually still a relevant idea; it’s just extremely important with apps involved.)

There’s one vital step in this process that a lot of marketers miss: sending an app-specific confirmation email that invites customers to join your list.

Why is an extremely customized confirmation message so important? Let me tell you a story.

Once Upon A Time, I Downloaded An iPad App

Everyone on the Internet should know by now that if you enter your email address somewhere, someone’s probably going to use it. Even if it means gleaning it from Facebook.

And that’s exactly what happened to me. The app asked me to create an account with the option to connect through Facebook. I chose that option because it’s quick and easy. The app asked to access my email address and Facebook “Likes.” The only options were “Accept” or “Cancel” – I couldn’t choose to withhold my email address. I trusted the app makers not to spam me and tapped “Accept.”

A week later, this was in my inbox:

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No one mentioned a newsletter when I registered to use the app. Can you really assume that providing an email address to register an account is the same as saying, “Yes! Please put your newsletter in my inbox, too!”

The #1 rule of email marketing: You can never assume permission. The app makers have sent me three newsletters so far and I’ve clicked “spam” on all of them.

There’s one thing that could have saved them: sending a custom confirmation message inviting me to join their newsletter first.

What This Means For You

Unlike the app makers, whenever you use one of AWeber’s apps to add new customers to your mailing list, we send a confirmation message to them instead of instantly adding them to your list.

The key to getting people to opt in and not feel like their inbox is getting invaded is to customize your confirmation email to make it sound like an invitation.

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Why It’s Effective

Inviting customers with a custom confirmation message works well for a number of reasons:

  • You’re not assuming that you have their permission, you’re clearly asking for their permission.
  • Your reason for emailing them is directly connected to the purchase so it doesn’t feel out of the blue.
  • You’re making your mailing list sound attractive too, so they’ll want to join.

Trust me. It’s a much better approach than an out-of-the-blue newsletter your customer wasn’t expecting.

Have you customized your confirmation email? What do you say to invite your customers and make them feel welcome?

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