One-Stop-Shop Email Marketing Explanation

One Stop Shop Email Marketing Explanation image emailmarketingOne Stop Shop Email Marketing ExplanationA massive resurgence of interest in email marketing is underway in the new era of online business.  It is perhaps the most personal form of B2B and B2C connection despite the fact that most email campaigns are delivered with marketing automation programs.

In fact, a fabulous email blast can be even more productive than social media campaigns and all other forms of inbound marketing currently making waves.

  • Emerging technologies fuel emerging metrics to guide email automation.  Each email gives the sender an opportunity to measure, analyze and enhance campaigns for better and better results.
  • An email campaign’s life cycle is far better understood today as the internet-enabled buyer has transformed.  The four buying stages are: Attract, Engage, Convert and Renew.
  • Powerful, educational email marketing strategies build trust and customer rapport like nothing else.  It is both efficient and effective.
  • Constant communication with sales leads can yield tremendous overall benefits!

The Empowerment of Modern Buyers

Consumers today are far more informed, picky and hard to win over. Furthermore, they’re minds are simply shutting off when it comes to the standard advertising – whether the ads are online or printed. They don’t want to hear pitches anymore. And, they certainly do not want any spam in their inboxes.

They have so much information at their fingertips with endless webpages, products and instant gratification to go around…well, you get the picture. No matter what the product or service, consumers can scour major search engines and the blogosphere to discover every detail (or the lack thereof).

On the other side of the techno-coin you have social media prompting people to share everything they see, think and feel in relation to these products and services. Email marketing can cut right through all that fat and get to the consumer-meat.

The Three Components of Contemporary Email Marketing

How are you supposed to put something together of this magnitude?  When done, and implemented with precision, sales leads flower into a community of loyal customers.

  • Trust and engagement – Those together combine to create our first component of effective email marketing.What is it about your emails that will create trust in the people who read it?  What are you going to say and show them in this ultra-personal sphere that will engage them and keep their attention?
  • Personal Communication -The second most influential part of email automation is making the message feel personal. The reader should feel like you’ve addressed them personally. The best way to send personal messages is to know your sales leads and current customers really well.  You will find lots of data in your online CRM.  You can take personalization up another notch by segmenting your lists to specific personas (We’ll talk more about personas in another post.)
  • Motivating People to Take Action – The third component is about getting people to act.   With technology on your side, you are able to listen carefully and then respond accordingly.   Set up metrics in your CRM software that will create a feedback loop about what people want to hear.  Then — give them what they want!!!

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