One-size-fits-all glasses lenses enable wearers to customize their frames

    By Tom | Small Business


    Regular readers of Springwise may remember our recent coverage of Protos Eyewear, the California-based startup that tailors its glasses frame designs to each individual customer using 3D printing. Offering similar individual customization, Frameri has created one-size-fits-all glasses lenses that enable spectacle wearers to easily swap the frames that hold them.

    The company offers a range of lens shapes and sizes that can be created to each customer’s prescription. Typically, opticians provide one set of frames for each set of lenses, but Frameri customers can then choose to buy multiple frame designs. The lenses can easily be pushed out of the frame and snapped into place in another frame, allowing wearers to change the look of their glasses without spending the cash on a whole new pair. Currently, Frameri offers 16 different frame designs to choose from. The video below offers more information about the startup:

    Frameri is currently crowdfunding its first batch of lenses and frames on Indiegogo, where the basic package of one lens and one frame is available for USD 100, with an extra USD 50 added for a second frame. Are there other products that could be broken down into their component parts to enable greater personalization for consumers?


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