Are You Omniscient?

Are You Omniscient? image Knowledge Graphic for Omniscient Blog Post e1361142628738Are You Omniscient?

If you didn’t know that omniscient means having complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding and perceiving all things, then you are not omniscient. I already knew that about you. Does that make me omniscient? Not hardly. But it does mean that I know some things that you may not know.

I know that few of you have formal marketing or business plans. I know that many of you use “spray and pray” marketing tactics. I know that few of you take advantage of the tools available to you to do a better job at what you do because you are too busy doing what it is that you do.

I know that most of you work hard at what you do. And that you work hard at knowing as much about your products or services as possible. That you are passionate about what you do and that you care about your customers and clients – at least the majority of you who are not just out to make a quick buck.

I know that you are busy and that for many of you there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day – or night – to keep up with appointments, emails, meetings, social media and the everyday activities needed for you to actually have some semblance of a life.

I also know that many of you are too proud to admit that you are not omniscient. Too proud to say “I don’t know.” Too proud to ask for help in areas where you are simply not as knowledgeable as you would like to be. But that you can’t be simply because there isn’t enough time for you to know everything about everything.

I know that separating the urgent from the important, the strategic from the tactical and the immediate from the impactful are difficult tasks to master. But I also know that mastering them is critical to overcoming many, if not all, of the deficiencies I’ve mentioned above. And that help is available.

Take a break. Take a deep breath – or five or ten. Take some time to sit quietly to write down your “to do” list and your priorities and categorize them into your needs and wants. Figure out where you need help and make time to get that help.

Doing these things won’t make you omniscient. But it won’t hurt, either.

Your comments, as always, are welcome. Thanks for reading, please share this post and please do have a great week.

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