If The Olympics Were Hosted by Hoth [Video]

    By Dan Evon | Small Business

    If The Olympics Were Hosted by Hoth [Video] image hothIf Hoth Hosted The Olympics [Video]

    Have you ever wondered why Hoth hasn’t hosted the Winter Olympics? Is it because it’s a fictional place in the Star Wars universe? Or is it because Hoth is one of the most dangerous place known to man?

    Hint: The answer is both.

    TV2 Denmark’s late night show Natholdet Med Anders Breinholtv posted a hilarious video this week that mashes up the Sochi Olympics with the devastating wintry world of Hoth. And it isn’t pretty.

    In addition to the choppy terrain, the Hoth Olympic skiers also have to deal with rogue AT-ATs.

    There have been plenty of problems at Sochi this year but I think all of the athletes are happy that they aren’t competing at the Hoth Olympics this year.

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