Olympic Games 2014 Are Trending On VK (Russian Equivalent of Facebook)

Olympic Games 2014 Are Trending On VK (Russian Equivalent of Facebook) image 18th 4Olympic Games 2014 Are Trending On VK (Russian Equivalent of Facebook)

The 2012 olympic games were a huge success not only in its true sense but also on the social media domain. The inclusion of Twitter and Facebook to the games gave the fans, the players and even the authorities a common communication channel and a way to know better. They were described as the ‘first social games’ ever.

For the International Olympic Committee (IOC) this meant promoting the Games primarily on Facebook and Twitter. The games will still remain the same, the countries will be the same , the only change will be the venue and the new addition of VK or Vkontakte, at least to the social part of it. Facebook and Twitter will definitely be an integral part but Russia’s popular website will also be a part of the Olympic journey this year.

The 2014 Games are being organized in Sochi, Russia from the 7th of February. VK is one of the most sought after websites of Russia, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has referred to it as a Facebook clone. Statistically, it has about 49 million visitors and its easy to say that it has a huge fan following as well. The Games this year will be somewhat reliable on the efficiency of Vkontakte for its promotions and other relevant details with Facebook and Twitter carrying follow ups.

Alex Huot, the IOC’s social media director says, “Russia has not yet had their first social media Games and there is no doubt that these Games will be just that for them. “What is really exciting to me is that we will bring the Russian-speaking world’s ‘fan experience’ of the Games to the West via social media. We will also tell the stories and achievements of athletes from the West to Russians, which will build an Olympic virtual fan bridge.”

The official page of the Olympics on VK has about 2 million subscribers since it was started 11 months ago by the IOC. Hout has a lot of hope from VK and he adds, “We have noticed that Russian fans are like all other Olympic fans: They love sport and they support their team.”

Once the games begin we will know exactly how well and successful VK comes out to be. Till then we can also keep our hopes high and fingers crossed.

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