What ObamaCare Means for the Average American

    By Bogdan Obretin | Small Business

    ObamaCare is a hot button political issue on the table nowadays, especially with its plans coming out January 1st of next year. Formerly known as the The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), ObamaCare has been created with the goal of providing each and every US citizen a basic insurance plan but also aims to reduce the growth in health care spending the US has been experiencing recently. The reform will impact over 47 million women by making it illegal for them to be charged more than men but also 1 in 2 Americans with pre-existing conditions that were denied health insurance. To get a deeper look into what ObamaCare means for the average American, here is a visual summary of the program’s clauses.

    What ObamaCare Means for the Average American image affectsWhat ObamaCare Means for the Average American
    Source: TopRNtoBSN.com

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