NYPD launch citizen crime reporting app

Considering the increasing prevalence of smartphones in many countries, it’s no wonder that civic authorities are taking advantage of easier ways to connect with citizens. We’ve already seen Rio De Janeiro’s 1746 app – offering a convenient way for residents to lodge complaints – and now the New York Police Department has launched its own app, providing information and interactivity to those living in the city.

The free app, available from the App Store, provides a list of the current most wanted criminals, up-to-date news, calls for information and videos relating to the department. Users can also access crime statistics through the app and information about the stations servicing each precinct. Perhaps most interestingly, citizens can submit anonymous tips regarding crimes they have witnessed, which could go some way to helping the department tackle illegal activity in the city. Young people in particular may find this convenient, or those who find it difficult to speak – either through disability or due to a dangerous situation. The department aims to launch an Android version in the near future.

Opening up the avenues through which people can contact the department will only serve to provide police with more information upon which they could potentially act. Could other cities follow suit?

Website: www.nyc.gov/html/nypd
Contact: www.nyc.gov/portal/site/nycgov/menuitem.5c62a7e8b62b6607a62fa24601c789a0

Spotted by: Murray Orange

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