North American Customers Transforming Customer Service

As the head of NA Sales Operations for Genesys I am lucky to be in a unique position to talk daily with some incredibly smart customer service people in various industries who are leading the way in transforming customer service.  For my first blog I wanted to provide a few snippets from customers I have spoken with in the last couple weeks.

Airline Consolidation Brings Consolidated Customer Service
Genesys has long held a leadership position among airlines, and with recent mergers in the news I am reminded how every airline requires a customer experience platform that works across disparate infrastructure elements (especially true when systems are mixed in a merger) and must still provide a scalable, carrier-grade level of reliability across the different channels flyers demand (mobile, web, phone). And with flyer complaints often Tweeted or sent virally on Facebook, let’s not forget the importance of the social channel and the need to listen and respond in real time. The executives I meet with consistently point out the need for an integrated complete approach solution versus point technologies that offer a siloed customer experience.

There’s no avoiding growing pains when airlines merge.  That said, once this process is complete, customers benefit through exceptional and consistent service, and airlines reap greater profits through economies of scale.

Utilities are Transforming through SIP
Similarly, talking to a major utility this week, the importance of SIP-based contact centers dominated the meeting. I met with both a business and a key technical leader at this utility, and both were unified in their view and they were extremely happy with how well their transformation to a SIP-based contact center was going. This critical transformation process was meeting their current year’s customer service objectives while providing an open door in the future to continue a multi-channel expansion to better improve their customer experience.

Ultimately, virtualization and SIP – and finding the right resource across a large utility – is extremely important. According to research from software provider Cincom Systems, 76 percent of energy and utility customers report that speed is very important to how they are serviced by their utility.  For 57.7 percent of utilities, technology issues were the biggest obstacle to delivering consistent customer experiences, including ease-of-use of their current systems (15.4 percent), integration with back-end systems (26.9 percent) and the features and functionality of their current systems (15.4 percent).

Multichannel Shoppers are Driving Change for Retailers
Lastly, in talking with a retail customer, I was again reminded of their need to offer their customers a seamless customer experience and conversation across multiple channels – be it web, phone, mobile, or in-store. Today’s consumers are savvy, multi-device, and social shoppers requiring a comprehensive approach to “close the sale.”  To retailers, an exceptional service experience is absolutely strategic in their need to compete with online retailers such as Amazon or  In fact, a recent study from Experian Marketing Services research focused on retailers found that 74 percent of marketers surveyed have either coordinated, or are in the process of coordinating, customer interactions among both online and offline channels.

It’s great to hear from companies that are creating the new world of customer service.  And partnering with these customer-centric companies to “make it happen” is what my team here at Genesys is all about.  What is your enterprise doing to change the world of customer service?

Feel free to comment and provide feedback.

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