The Nike Accelerator Has A Lot To Offer

By Joe Hewitson | Small Business

The Nike Accelerator Has A Lot To Offer image nike plusThe Nike Accelerator Has A Lot To Offer

Last December, Nike announced a visionary new program called the Nike Accelerator. The program gave 10 tech startups three months to breathe new life into the Nike+ and NikeFuel product lines. On June 10, all their hard work was put on display at the Nike WHQ Demo Day, where three companies offered particularly compelling mobile solutions.

GoRecess: find fitness classes anywhere

New York-based startup, GoRecess, grabbed Nike’s attention by combining their mobile booking system with Nike+ to make finding the perfect physical activity easy and convenient. Inspired by dining and shopping apps like Urbanspoon and Google+ Local, GoRecess directs users to fitness classes in their immediate area.

The app also contains powerful search tools that allow you to refine results by criteria like time, location and workout type. And with the help of the Nike Accelerator program, GoRecess has already started implementing NikeFuel integration and a slew of other updates that will make for a more social, spontaneous and enjoyable workout experience.

CoachBase: develop a mobile game plan

Also taking advantage of the increased prevalence of mobile devices is CoachBase, a mobile app that lets coaches ditch their clipboards and felt-tip markers for a dynamic tablet solution. With the CoachBase app, coaches can use intuitive templates to create, revise and share playbooks over the internet with their entire team. CoachBase also makes team sports a more social endeavor by providing tight integration with the NikeFuel product line, letting coaches, kids, and parents view and interact with team activities. The only challenge will be keeping rivals from hacking into your playbook.

GeoPalz: motivating kids to stay active

Those of you who find it difficult to lure the kids away from the TV and into the great outdoors will certainly appreciate GeoPalz. The brainchild of three Boulder, CO parents, GeoPalz are tiny pedometers and speedometers disguised as cute creatures that attach to kids’ shoes. The unit tracks basic activity throughout the day and rewards the pint-sized participants with virtual coins they can use to play games or trade for gift cards and prizes. By integrating GeoPalz with the Nike+ system, the whole family can track their physical activity on a unified platform.

The Nike+ Accelerator program serves as a reliable blueprint for other companies wishing to foster mobile innovation. In three months, the participating tech startups have polished their products and secured funding from generous backers and venture capitalists. With ubiquitous brands like Nike supporting and providing the framework for mobile entrepreneurs, it’s a clear signal that wearable tech and mobile solutions are the future.

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