News Year’s Resolutions for Your Wireless Carrier

News Year’s Resolutions for Your Wireless Carrier image voteNews Year’s Resolutions for Your Wireless CarrierDid you know that by January 10th most of us have thrown in the towel and given up on their resolutions? That is if we even bothered to make them this year.

Making a New Year’s Resolution is never a fun thing to do, typically it involves self improvement followed by personal failure … YUCK!

But how about making News Year’s Resolutions for your wireless carrier? That could be a different experience.

I’ll start with a few and I encourage you to join in the conversation.

News Year’s Resolution’s for your wireless carrier

  • Fix the dead zones near my office where my co-workers and I drop calls every day
  • Take down the 4G Billboard right before the dead zone….
  • Notify my company when users are near the limit on their data plan
  • Tell me I can’t download my sales presentation before I spend 20 minutes thinking, it looks like it’s almost loaded
  • Tally all failed voice and data calls each month on bills, rather than expect my employees and I to report them but really hope they forget
  • Automatically credit our account for failed calls and data requests
  • Offer straightforward plans that make it simple to manage data usage of all company devices.
  • Provide bills to employees that they can submit for reimbursement that do not disclose personal information for BYOD
  • Provide maps of WiFi offload sites so employees know where to get coffee or copies and use carrier provided WiFi (similar to knowing which ATM’s a bank is associated with)
  • Make it easy for me to know when company devices are eligible to upgrade
  • Your turn …..

What are the resolutions that you or your company would like to see from the Mobile Operators?

You never know, they just may resolve to respond to customer input.

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