In the Netherlands, app shows how crowded trains are in real-time

Moovit has already made efforts to provide commuters with more accurate information about public transport by harnessing the crowds. Now the Dutch national train operator NS has launched a pilot scheme for its Reisplanner Xtra app, which will give passengers real-time details about the train they’re aiming to catch.

Currently being tested on the Android version of its existing app, a new feature will provide information on passenger congestion on its services. Travelers using the journey planner will now see one, two or three figure-shaped symbols that indicate the average amount of seating available on individual trains. Passengers can then use this information to determine their best route home and the company hope that over-congestion can be avoided. In addition, the new feature will also show detailed information on train facilities. The video below shows the app in action:

The pilot is set to run for the next three months on 11 trains serving the Zwolle to Roosendaal district. If successful, could this innovation help rail companies avoid congestion in your country?


Spotted by: Raymond Kollau

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