Navigating The Buyer’s Journey [Infographic]

The buyer’s journey can be difficult to navigate. Research suggests that due to information accessibility, there is increased competition on the order of 48% affecting your customer’s buying experiences. Customers’ expectations are rising (like a river!) and changing rapidly (again!) – they don’t mind switching vendors if they are not satisfied during the buying journey. To capture these dynamics, find this INFOGRAPHIC produced by Aberdeen – on the top challenges faced by businesses and how the best–in-class successfully manage the buyer’s journey

Managing the Buyer’s Journey

If your company has the ability to get real-time intelligence such as customer insights – knowing who your customers are and what they want and like – you can deliver targeted messages and offers for better results. Identifying high value customers and knowing the customer sentiment will enable you to effectively manage the buyer’s journey.

Today’s social customers are empowered with a myriad of product information – they are mobile-y armed and socially-connected like never before. They’re fully informed of options available to them before they start the journey with you. Are you ready for them?

Navigating The Buyer’s Journey [Infographic] image Customer Analytics1Navigating The Buyer's Journey

This post originally appeared on SCN – Customer Edge and was republished with permission.

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