The New MySpace: JT’s Folly

The New MySpace: JT’s Folly image 300px Justin Timberlake 2011 AAThe New MySpace: JT's Folly

Dear Justin Timberlake,


Seriously. That’s the best I can muster for your new MySpace.


Well, it has nothing to do with the interface. It’s pretty darn slick looking. Though the navigation can be rough at times.

The music? Well, I love music. It was my favorite part of the old MySpace even before it went all-music under the people who were in charge before you.

So why am I bored?

Because it’s too little, too late. People left in droves. I had an account there that I couldn’t find when I got back. So I had to create a new one, just to nose around. And as I walked the hallways of this shiny new beast, I heard a lot of echoing. Of my own footsteps.

“Anyone in here?”

Nothing. No response.

People left. They went to Facebook. And Twitter. And other platforms. And now the social strata has settled a bit. We have a variety of platforms, each with their own unique angle. Facebook is Facebook. Twitter is Twitter. Same with Pinterest, Instagram, and yes, even Google+ (which is still trying to figure out its own identity).

But you keeps trying. I keep getting emails from you telling me how cool it is, and that I need to come back. I wouldn’t even be writing this except that the past few days brought a spate of articles about the platform, and I assume you’re on a bit of a press junket. So I dropped by for a visit.


“But it’s for music and bands, Ken!”

Well, yes it is, JT (may I call you that?). If I were a band or musician, I might create an account there, just for the sake of hedging my bets and being there. But I wouldn’t spend a lot of time and effort on it, that’s for sure. It would be just for the sake of having a presence. If I’m a band that’s any good at any marketing at all, I already have a website. And I’m probably on Facebook, and maybe even Twitter or YouTube, not to mention Bandcamp, et al.

I’m not saying that some other social platform won’t come along. I’m not saying that you don’t have a chance (though if I were a betting man, I’d put down a pretty high bet against you). And I’m not saying that Facebook is the be all and end all of social platforms. Remember, I’m the guy who used to tell people that MySpace was king, and that no one, not even Facebook, could topple MySpace. I was wrong then, and I certainly could be wrong again.

What I am saying is that we seem to like what we have at the moment. Unless you can tell us, and even better, show us, why we need to be on your platform, and what you’re offering that others aren’t, I don’t think we’re going to flock there. I have no clue what the next big thing in social media is, but I’m pretty sure it’s not MySpace.

I’m sorry, but that’s how I feel. I just think you bit off a bit more than you can chew, and perhaps you can use it as a tax write-off next year. Not a good idea. Don’t take it personally. I actually kinda like you, especially if you keep doing those cool videos with Jimmy Fallon! And Suit & Tie was certainly kinda catchy.

It was one thing when you brought sexy back, but bringing MySpace back? Not so much.

Anyway, good luck with this endeavor. And don’t give up your day job.


Ken (a fully recovered MySpace addict)

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