Multicultural Millennial Mindset: Transactional or Transformational

The profile of senior leadership in Corporate America has typically been 40+ white males over the years. Although this corporate profile has evolved to include more gender, cultural and generational diversity, it is still dominated by white male Gen X’ers. As Multicultural Millennials are entering the workforce, both them and the senior leadership they fall under are noticing a very distinct difference in how they define success. There are obviously the specific success measures that are outlined on a project-by-project basis. Things like sales, impressions or lead generations are all pretty clear cut and universally accepted performance indicators. The difference lies predominately in WHY Multicultural Millennials do what they do. The drivers are different.

Leadership in generations past have been trained to focus on the WHAT and the HOW and the WHY never really came into question. The WHY was always the bottom line. And that is definitely important. Without the money the business doesn’t exist. This is a very Transactional mindset. Multicultural Millennials have a slightly more evolved WHY than just the money. They want to impact change. They want to improve conditions. They want to reshape culture. They want equality and justice for all. This is a very Transformational mindset. Multicultural Millennials want to transform the lives of the people they meet and leave their mark on the world. The focus is to make money WITH others and not just OFF of them. This audience is much more inclined to pursue entrepreneurial ventures and initiatives.

As more Multicultural Millennials start to transition into positions of leadership in corporate and society overall, here are 7 trends we can expect to take place:

  1. Performance reviews will become just as much or more of a reflection on the manager as the employee; good or bad.
  2. Stronger emphasis on the quality of customer relationships and not just the quantity of units sold.
  3. 5 year plans will look more like 3 year predictions with 1 year expectations.
  4. More global exchange and inclusion of ideas, resources and technologies.
  5. An increase in multicultural and multinational branded music and entertainment festivals as a means of consumer engagement.
  6. Integrated DSM (Digital, Social & Mobile) agencies serving as lead AOR.
  7. Established Culturational Chemistry criteria and increased diversity in leadership positions across gender, race, culture, life stage, lifestyle and religion.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” – Winston Churchill

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