Movie provides extra narrative content to cinemagoers via app

Some people may get annoyed when audiences start getting their phones out during a performance, but we’ve come across a few projects that encourage those with an urge to check their devices – such as the Providence Performing Arts Center’s Tweet Seat scheme. Now, a new movie from the Netherlands called App has placed viewers’ second screens at the heart of its narrative, providing extra content to those who keep their smartphones at hand for the duration of the film.

Created by film production company 2CFilm, the movie is a thriller that tells the story of a student who becomes addicted to her smartphone. Viewers arriving at the cinema can download the free app – which uses technology provided by SyncNow to ensure updates appear at the correct time during the film – before they enter the theater. Devices are connected via audio signals, meaning customers don’t need to connect to wifi or 3G. Vibrating alerts will notify them whenever extra content is available – for example, during a party scene text messages between characters are shown to offer extra insight into their relationships. However, the movie still makes sense for those who don’t want to use the app. The video below acts as a trailer – in Dutch – for the film:

App aims to cater for cinemagoers who have become used to using a second screen while watching television at home and want to recreate that experience for the big screen, while opening up new revenue opportunities for filmmakers. Is this the future of cinema?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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