How to Make the Most of Your Twitter Reach

How to Make the Most of Your Twitter Reach image twitter reach 300x225How to Make the Most of Your Twitter Reach

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In past posts, we have discussed how to increase your social media reach. You can read about the effects of tailoring content here. Today, I will go more specific and talk about twitter reach. How can you ensure that the maximum amount of people who see your content are interested enough to research further about your product? Here are some suggestions:

1. Create a unique hashtag for each event and promotion
This allows your followers to view all the information you have posted about an event in one place—sort of like an FAQ page, only on twitter.

2. Host A Twitter Chat
A twitter chat is when a group of people interested in the same topic—in this case, your marketing team and your followers—discuss that topic by tweeting to a specific hashtag during a set period of time. Same logic as the previous suggestion: Twitter is a very noisy platform and this helps to gather relevant tweets all in one place. Hubspot wrote a great article on how to host a tweet chat; you can read that article here.

3. Tweet multiple times a day, every day
This goes back to the idea of drip marketing. Especially on twitter, it is easy to get lost in the news stream. By tweeting consistently, you ensure that your followers see your name and updates and always have you in the back of their minds. Twitter usually gets the most traffic between 1pm and 3pm Monday through Thursday, so try to post during that time frame.

4. Update your profile
A great, impressionable way to do this is to change your profile or background picture on twitter. If you are hosting a big event, use pictures from that event on your twitter profile. This allows followers to see for themselves that your company is actively doing something. Just make sure not to annoy and confuse people by changing it every day—once every few months is about right.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started. Let me know if you readers would like some more examples!

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