The Most Affordable SEO Solutions

If you’re the type of website owner who looks for high quality link opportunities you know that it can get expensive. Luckily there are other affordable SEO options that you can use to supplement any link building projects that you have, and even more importantly these are the most solutions.

Leveraging Internal Linking

The Most Affordable SEO Solutions image internally link on your blogThe Most Affordable SEO Solutions

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One of the types of sites search engines typically don’t like and don’t want to encourage are small sites with only a few pages of content. Why? Because these are very ‘thin’ sites that offer limited value to the user. Think of Wikipedia, with their millions of pages of content, most users who go to wikipedia end up visiting several pages while they’re there.

What’s the point of all this? The point is that to encourage web sites to have lots of quality content, search engines allow ‘link juice’ to be funneled around your site through internal linking. The benefit for the search engine is that now your users have more pages on your site they can find from the internal links. The benefit for you is that the pages that you link to most on your site will rank higher.

The takeaway here is that you should look at the internal linking on your site. Make sure you are linking to the most important pages the most often, this will benefit you with the user and the search engines ranking your pages. If you currently have a ‘thin’ site, consider building it out with quality articles in your niche, this will be the most affordable SEO solution for you.

Establish Long Term Relationships

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After being in this business for a few years I have many contacts as a result of reaching out and networking (guest posting, teaching, helping other webmasters etc.), and these contacts are more valuable than any SEO service you can buy. If I need links for an existing or new site I simply have to send out a few emails or messages and I have not only affordable links, but also high quality link offers from my contacts.

I’m not saying this to brag, but to illustrate the power of long term relationships. You may already have some from your past; if you do shoot them an email and see if they have any ideas for a linking opportunity that will benefit both of you.

If you don’t have any strong contacts yet don’t worry, but it’s always a good time to start building them. Reach out to authoritative writers and website owners in your niche or related niches and offer them something. You can offer writers a platform to write on, and they will often link to you from their social platforms and bring you additional free traffic and links. You can reach out to website owners and offer them content, a link, or anything else you can think of. Even if they don’t link back right away, you now have a contact that may help you out in the future.

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