Need More Contractor Website Leads? Avoid This Common Mistake

This common website mistake may be reducing your contractor, plumbing, HVAC, pest control, etc. leads in half.  Learn how you can fix it.

Need More Contractor Website Leads? Avoid This Common Mistake image fail contractor leads resized 600Need More Contractor Website Leads? Avoid This Common MistakeWhat is one of most common mistakes that home service contractors (plumbers, HVAC, home improvements, pest control, etc.) make in their online lead generation efforts using their website?

Before I tell you what it is, I have good news:  It’s fixable.

Even better news:  If you fix this problem, you will double or even triple the amount of new leads and business you can get from your website.

The bad news:  Ignore the problem and you will fall further behind your competitors and feed off their scraps.

It really is that serious.

Read on.  I’ll show you exactly what the problem is… and how to fix it

Such A Common (And Potentially Destructive) Online Lead Generation Mistake

“Wow, Pat.  You sure are making this sound like a make or break deal for getting more customers from my website.

It often is.

Let me share with you a common lament heard in the marketplace.

“In 2005, I was told I needed a website since more and more customers could be found there.  I spent $500 on an inexpensive website.  But, the amount of new leads and business coming from online was nothing to write home about. 

“In 2009, I was told the problem was my website looked like crap.  It did.  So, I spent $2,500 on a better website.  More professional.  But, guess what?  The amount of new leads and business from my website was still disappointing.  

“In 2010, I was told I needed to spend $500/mo on SEO to get more visitors to my website.  I did get more visitors… but the number of phone calls barely increased.  I have tried Google Adwords with the same result.  

“Why isn’t this working for me like it is for others?”

Two False Assumptions

Here is part of the problem leading to the above lament:  companies have the idea, “if you build it, they will come.”

Not true.

Just because you have a website… even the nicest, most professional website in the world doesn’t mean people will find it or come to it.

Many of you already know this.  But, many unconsciously believe a related fallacy:

- If searchers do come to my website (because you are spending money on things like SEO, or pay-per-click advertising to get them there), I will get a corresponding increase in leads and new business.

–Once again, that’s not necessarily true.

Here Is The Sad Reality…

Need More Contractor Website Leads? Avoid This Common Mistake image head slapping website traffic resized 600Need More Contractor Website Leads? Avoid This Common MistakeThis second fallacy is one of the most common mistakes that I want to address in this article.

Here is the question you must ask yourself:  Once you get leads and prospects to your website, what are you doing to maximize the conversion of the highest percentage of searchers/prospects into new customers?

Most service companies (provide a service) are doing a miserable job at this.  They lay out their reasons on their website as to why someone should choose them.  But, 90-95% of the website visitors aren’t persuaded enough to call, let alone schedule an appointment.

Note: that is an accurate percentage based on our testing of new client websites.

Can I get on my soapbox for a second?  Thanks.  For heaven sakes, please don’t just stick a website up and think you are done.

I don’t care how professional your website is.  I don’t care how good you are at what you do.

Until you are able to present your expertise in such a way that persuades the maximum number of prospects to choose you instead of your competition, you are leaving money on the table.

Having a website is just the BEGINNING of the process… not the end.

Ok, I said it.  I feel better now.  Thanks.

How can you improve the percentage of website visitors who actually turn into new business?

One Of The Secrets To A Powerfully Persuasive Website

To increase the number of website visitors and leads who turn into new customers, you must incorporate the psychology of persuasion into your website.

I am going to show you an example of using psychology in an almost imperceptible way that literally doubled the response rate of people moving forward in the buying process.

How would you like to have twice as many people say yes to your offer?

Understanding The Psychology Of Buying

One of the things we do here at 2nd Mile Marketing (and you must do as well) is seek to get into the mind of your prospects so you can answer two important questions—

1. Why prospects buy (or don’t buy) the type of product or service you offer.  For example, what makes someone decide to move forward with getting a tankless water heater, or a coaching program, or remodel their kitchen?

2. If they decide they are ready to move forward with the type of product/service you offer, why would they choose you… or your competitor?

If you understand why a person buys or doesn’t buy, and why they choose (or don’t choose) you, you have found two keys to increasing your sales.

And no, the reason people choose your competitor isn’t really price.

The Secret To Selling (Anything)

The secret to selling… in person, or online through your website, is to thoroughly understand and connect with the person you are trying to help solve a problem or desire.  You are convinced your service is the BEST solution… now how do you convince them?

I am going to share with you a key psychological principle>> People hate being sold to… but enjoy buying.

More than that, they like to feel like they are in control of the process.

You may already know this… but how are you building this principle into your website?

A real live test of the principle

Let me show you a simple test that was conducted around this psychological principle.  The test changed one measly little word on a web page that had close to 1,000 words.  Yet that one modification changed how the website visitor perceived the sales process.

As a result of that one little word– nearly twice as many website visitors moved forward in the sales process.

A 90% difference!

Watch this video as I show you what changed… and why it worked so well.

This principle applies to a wide range of business types and situations.

Here is the question you need to ask yourself:  What are you doing to integrate psychological principles of persuasion and conversion rate optimization best practices into your website?  Not in a manipulative way, but just helping website visitors see your service/solution in the best possible light?

Do you need to see another example of using conversion rate optimization and principles of the psychology of persuasion?  Click here to read about a plumbing company that increased leads/call levels by nearly 100% by reframing how they present their message.

If you are not continuously adjusting your website design and message using persuasion principles, you are leaving money on the table. 

What You Can With This Information Right Now

1.  Get started- Develop a clear understanding of why people buy or don’t buy YOUR product/service, then begin integrating those insights into how you speak to your website visitors.

Caution: this is a process.  You might have the right insight but not use it with 100% effectiveness… which is why you test multiple versions until you get it just right.

2.  Get help- Not sure you have the time or expertise to figure this out?  Contact a conversion rate optimization company like 2nd Mile Marketing, Markitekt, 2X Conversions, etc.  They can do the work for you to help you dial into the minds and behaviors of your website searchers… and get more calls, appointments and revenue.

3.  Get more ideas- Download the free Website Persuasion Checklist to get some fresh ideas on your website.

P.S.   If you found this article helpful, share it with another business owner so they can get the benefits from understanding this principle, too.  Thanks!

Notes to video:

A very simple, straightforward test (from our friends at WTW)… A/B with one tiny change

Yet, one get almost twice as many (90%) positive responses… moving ahead

The test is build on one of the principles of “the psychology of buying”

The principle is this:

  • People don’t want to be sold to… but they enjoying making a buying decision
  • I am at the center of the process, in control — vs.– the seller is in control (“to me”)

Give them options, let them choose (both options in example do this) + let them “own” their choices… not be sold their options (as though you are dispensing the options).

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