More Content is Better – Fact or Fallacy?

With the rise in popularity of content marketing, more blogs are being produced across more industries than ever before. In order to gain momentum in this fast-moving world of content marketing, businesses are using every possible opportunity to create content. But does more really mean better?

Online evolution

If you rewind 10 years to a time when content was only a blip on the radar, more content was standard digital marketing practice. There were few better ways for companies to create hype around this marketing phenomenon than to show the world how much traction they could gain from creating masses of readable content. Fast forward a few years and you find that readable content has sadly given way to spam content.

Content is king

First cemented in popular culture by Bill Gates in 1996, the meme that content is king has spread like wildfire in recent years. But are content creators losing sight of what it means to produce content that is worthy of being king?

What started out as a practical approach for online gurus and businesses to build their marketing strategy around has now turned into a war over words. Content marketeers are unfortunately leading their strategies with the belief that quantity supersedes quality and the more blogs they produce the more favourably their websites will be looked upon by search engines.

Businesses posing as true content creators need to be mindful of the fact that search engines are smarter than this and will eventually (if not immediately) call your bluff.

Content strategies that work

If your content strategy is not producing the results you were hoping for, you might be in the throes of a quality versus quantity crisis. Before continuing on make, sure you know the answer to the following questions: is your content strategy tactical or are you just filling your channels with content to drive more traffic? Is your content better than what you’ve seen elsewhere? Are your blogs making a difference to your target audience? Are your blogs pushing boundaries?

Remember that quality content gives businesses the opportunity to create an online presence – a voice that is worthy of listening to and learning from. Quality is, and always will be, the most important word when it comes to content marketing.

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