Modular furniture requires only a coin to assemble

Companies such as Ikea have popularized flatpack furniture to the point that we’ve even seen entire homes come in a box for later assembly. However, the process of following construction directions can still leave some stumped. Japanese design company Nendo has now created ofon, a range of modular furniture that can be assembled using only a coin, rather than tools.

Developed for office supplier Kokuyo, the range was created with small businesses in mind – especially those who have a rapidly growing roster of employees or flexible work arrangements. Each piece has a plastic button which pops out when pushed and can be twisted with a coin to loosen or tighten joints. When the joint has been connected, users simply push the button back in to secure it. The system enables users to quickly connect and disconnect the pieces without having to worry about having the right tools or ensure they don’t lose any screws. If the furniture needs some ad hoc rearranging, it can be done easily and quickly. Additionally, the pieces double up – for example flat surfaces can be turned into hinged doors, while shelving units can act as table legs.

The coin-based assembly mechanism enables owners to truly take advantage of the modular nature of the furniture range. Although currently a one-off collection, it’s easy to see how this simplified system could offer many homeowners the convenience they seek, forming the basis of a successful furniture brand.


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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