Modular caravan expands for more spacious living quarters

Domestic vacations can be a frugal way to take a break, but the image many people have of spending a week in a cramped caravan can be unappealing. Aiming to change that, the Romotow is a flexible and stylish mobile living quarters that can expand to create more space.

Designed by New Zealand-based architects W2, the Romotow features a living area encased in a second structure. When parked, the inner space can be turned on a swivel at right angles to the rest of the structure, expanding the available floor area by 70 percent. While the inner room is enclosed from the elements, the second platform can be left without walls on both sides during sunny weather, or a protective curtain can be used as a windbreak. The Romotow also uses curved angles to dispel the boxy image of caravans. The following video demonstrates how it will work:

Much like Teal Panels‘ modular temporary homes, the Romotow enables users to customize their environment. Set to be on the market in 2015, is this the future for the caravan?


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