Mobility In The Workplace

    By Anna Young | Small Business

    Mobility In The Workplace image mobile cloud computing 300x225Mobility In The WorkplaceSmart devices such as tablets and iPhone have changed the way consumers and businesses interact with each other. Increasingly, consumers are turning to mobile devices for functions such as search and shopping.

    The ability to access information quickly and easily on the move has become a luxury that most want to enjoy in both their personal and work environments. According to the Walker Sands, Quarterly Mobile Traffic Report, visits from mobile devices accounted for 28 percent of total website traffic in Q3 2013, up 67 per cent since Q3 2012, and other surveys put the figure much higher.

    However, it’s not just the consumers who are seeing the benefits of being mobile in today’s fast paced society. For businesses internally, having access to business critical information on the go has meant that they are able to make better more informed decisions based on real time information.

    Sales staffs are able to take their work with them when they are out on the road, checking stock availability before entering orders on the go via their iPads or tablets. Being mobile helps increase customer satisfaction as stock is checked for availability before an order is placed meaning no stock outage.

    For users working in the service industry having the use of mobile technology helps them bill more hours, improving utilisation. By entering their hours on the go they are able to save hours every week in admin, replacing paper forms with mobile apps and dispatch processes. By mobilising your workforce, businesses can increase their billable hours each week, helping to increase their overall profitability. Managers can monitor project status from the office in order to anticipate when and how each client can be billed for work completed. With real time visibility into the entire bid to bill or quote to cash cycle managers are able to understand how productive their consulting staff are being.

    Being mobile improves productivity, giving user’s access to information on the go. Employees on the road can keep up to date with all the latest news and work anytime, anywhere, rather than having to wait till they are back in the office to view the business critical data. For most, mobility is the chance for them to stay ahead of the competition and dominate their specific market.

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