Mobile Apps for Business Travelers

There are some instances that traveling for business becomes somewhat stressful. Delayed flights and too much expense on car rentals occur. These happen because the person traveling doesn’t have the right itinerary. These are some of the problems which business travelers are experiencing. Also, the need for finishing projects, contacting and maintaining clients do usually end up being a frustration especially when you are in an unfamiliar place. But since most of the business travelers use smartphones, different mobile apps for business travelers are developed. These apps can help business people to stay organized even when on the road like in RingCentral. Here are some of the most helpful mobile apps for them.

TripIt for Business

Business travelers and their bosses alike can find this app very helpful. This app allows its users to access their travel plans, flight itineraries, car rental details and hotel reservations through the use of their smartphones, tablets or any mobile computing devices. It also has an additional feature that lets the user to coordinate with his or her teammates or co-workers easily. TripIt for Business also organizes business travel expenses. Since, most business travelers have to submit their report on expenses, it will definitely be a huge help for them and lessen their additional work load. They will now be spared from computing manually their business travel expenses.


Some business travels include presentation or project proposal and client meetings. QuickOffice mobile app allows its users to make changes on their Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint Presentations. This app also allows sending and receiving document files from the cloud. Editing, viewing and sharing presentation documents are becoming more mobile and hassle free with this app.

It helps in increasing productivity at work.


There are some instances that business travelers accidentally forget much needed documents at home or at the office which is very important for a presentation for a client meeting or company meeting. Dropbox allows saving and accessing shared texts, audio and video files.


Evernote makes it easy for business travelers to take notes. Notes can be saved in many formats such as text, pictures, audio files, websites and many others. These files can be easily accessed and searched with its database. Also, all the documents stored are backed-up on their server.


This mobile app allows tracking of hours spent. Since, time management is very important in a business or work, this app really comes in hand. It lets you monitor your working hours and overtime by manually inputting time or by setting a timer. Timesheet can also be generated through the use of this app.


Asana is a task management tool which allows its users to create and collaborate with co-workers. It is also possible to make and assign work duties through these app. Business travelers can also add due dates, view projects and make corrections, deletions and additions in the tasks created. It makes your group work more organized and in sync.

Wi-Fi Finder

To be able to accomplish a needed work, an internet connection is a must.  When traveling, a Wi-Fi Finder app is very much needed. It uses GPS to find places with Wi-Fi. Also it can be easily accessed even if there is no good cell service or offline.

The above mentioned mobile apps can ease the problems that are usually experiencing by business travelers. These apps can also increase their work productivity. Also, with the use of these apps in travelling, unnecessary expenses can be avoided. Proper utilization is necessary to further increase the benefits of these mobile apps to business travelers.

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