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Your Message – Keep it Simple image medium 359187815 300x225Your Message – Keep it SimpleIn 2013, I have talked about a number of different topics: social media, thought leadership, content marketing, mobile marketing and more.

I keep coming back to this one statement, “Keep it Simple”

Today, there is all kind of noise. Noise from media. Every news event is a crisis. Also, more messages are trying to sound like “Expert Advice” messages. Everyone is in the news business. The events of last week showed me how hungry people are for cutting-edge information, the latest developments. From here, people pass on that information to their friends and all of a sudden we have hundreds of different accounts of the events taking place.

Keep your message simple!

I am finding that people want quick, concise information that offers value. Value is really the key. In order to discover value, you have to listen to your clients. Blogging is a great way to discover how simple messages resonate. This year, I am seeing more hits on information I wrote last week and last year than my current information. The difference is those posts I wrote in the past addressed one particular topic and people want information pertaining to that topic.

Please reread the last paragraph before going on….

The great part about the information in the last paragraph is that now I can build on those topics and add more value with more current experiences, data or supporting articles. This is how you can really build a following.

Now this blog post from an SEO standpoint is not very good. No key words to search on. No specific links back to posts, but if you really look closer at the content, you might find some value.

If you have Google Analytics, look at the search terms that people used to find your site. You may see a lot of hits to past posts. Build on those key words and keep creating simple, fresh valued content.

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