Meet Kelsey Hinkel – Avid Traveler, Marketing Specialist, and Pinterest Influencer!

Meet Kelsey Hinkel – Avid Traveler, Marketing Specialist, and Pinterest Influencer! image Meet Kelsey Hinkel – Avid Traveler, Marketing Specialist, and Pinterest Influencer!

Kelsey Hinkel is a passionate traveler and marketing specialist at a local tv station from Rochester, Minnesota. She attended four colleges in two states and graduated in four years with a degree in business and communication. During her senior year, she went to South Africa which “changed [her] outlook on life forever.” After that she’s traveled as much as possible and now she’s currently planning her wedding and is ready to settle down.

Kelsey is excited to start her own family in Minnesota soon with her fiancé and their Golden Border Collie mix, Saydee, who does tricks! When Kelsey’s not pinning or traveling, she can be found cooking, doing DIYs, hiking, camping, or working out. Kelsey’s love for beautiful places, things, and decor has earned her over 112K Pinterest followers!

When did you start using Pinterest and what inspired you to make an account?

When I was a senior in college, having never left the country, I had the opportunity to go to South Africa. This changed my outlook on life forever. For the following three years, I didn’t stay in the same place for longer than three months, outside of my one-year teaching gig in South Korea. When I first got to Korea, I had a hard time venturing out, often leaving me apartment bound. This gave me loads of inspiration time. I used to save every single picture of a room I loved, or a celebrity on the street. My computer began to fill, so I organized these images in a private blog. I didn’t have a system down to give credit to those posting the inspiration, so I had a private blog. Pinterest was the perfect solution to all of this hassle.

Why do you like Pinterest?

Pinterest allows me to save all the decor and fashion and food in a limitless, shareable-mode.

You have gained over 110K followers! Wow, very impressive! So what makes your Pinterest unique?

I’ll take the answer to this from my friends who say, “my boards are very me, never compromising. There is an obvious consistency without trying hard.” I love to see pages that are all neutral or brilliantly color-coordinated; after all, my blog is called AestheticA, but I have never been able to limit myself that way. Also, having started so early, not seeing what this would turn into, I didn’t have the foresight to plan such a vision. My modest response, is I started early on, I pin often, and I pin what I love. It just so happens that other people like what I pin too! I am always impressed and beyond grateful to my followers.

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Kelsey with her fiancé and their dog, Saydee

Are you from Rochester, MN originally? What do you like about it there?

Having been many places, I feel I can finally say Rochester is home. High school Kelsey would kick me for coming back, but high school Kelsey didn’t know all of the places she would go, people she would meet, and experiences she would have. Turning 28 was exciting and it was neat looking back on all that I have done and knowing that I can peacefully settle, make a home, and start a family. I love that Rochester is a wealthy, but humble community. I like the ever-growing culture and constant effort to make the area cooler with new parks, amazing restaurants and unique events.

What are your favorite places you’ve traveled to?

My all-time favorite place was South Africa. It was the first time I had ever left the country and it is the only place I would ever go again. There are so many places to see and people to meet, I don’t see the point in returning anywhere… but there. The country had everything to offer in landscapes; safaris, rolling mountains, gorgeous coastlines. And the people…. oh, the people. They were warmer and more hospitable than anyone. I went my senior year of college for a post-apartheid communications class.

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Kelsey in South Africa

What are your favorite Pinterest boards to pin onto and why?

My first boards ever were Fashionista and Home Decor. I realized about a year in, that I would have to segment these, in order to find anything ever. I think my favorite boards, however, are Fash Deet, Home Deets and Gone. It’s a blogger and photojournalist fad to take partial pics of street fashions and homes. I think it’s such a neat perspective to only see a clutch and an arm party, or a perfectly styled bar cart. I love Gone because of my ever-wandering spirit. I have friends who visit that board just to “get away.”

Your Art and Blogger boards are really beautiful! Tell us more about these boards and why you made them!

Art has been fun to develop. It is what alerted me to the fact that I like modern art… I had no idea! Blogger was a branch off of Fashionista. I have several amazing fashion bloggers that I follow, finding myself pinning the heck out of them. Anytime I realize I am over-pinning a certain category in a general one, it’s time for a new board!

What is your Pinterest aesthetic/style?

I would say I lean towards bohemian looks sometimes with an edge, both in home and fashion. I don’t limit myself to that, however. I also love anything white, with clean lines with a comfortable mix of modern and vintage. This too, all applies to both. I must dress like my home.

Tell us more about your passion for art, fashion and design! Tell us more about your blog aESTHETICa!

My passion for art, fashion and design has existed since I was a kid – moving furniture around since I was five, painting rooms when it wasn’t acceptable. I’ve never truly pursued it in fear (sad to admit). I would love to design clothes, or jewelry or decorate homes for a living. If anything would give me confidence to pursue this, it would be my Pinterest followers who continue to like, pin and support what I do.

My blog is a collection of what I find on the blogs I follow, when you end up pinning every room for someone else’s post, it’s time to write about it and keep it forever.

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What are your plans and hopes for the future?

First things first, I would like to find a career in what I love – fashion and home decor. I know this will take sacrifice, working my 8 to 5 job and then committing to a path, be it jewelry design or decorating friends’ homes to start a portfolio. I wish this statement came with more conviction. Maybe it is writing this, admitting my fears, that will encourage me to pursue a future in my passion.

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