Meet Ieva Mazeikaite – Interior Design Graduate, Dancer, and Pinterest Influencer!

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    Meet Ieva Mazeikaite, an interior design graduate from Kaunas, Lithuania! She currently lives with her family and big, black cat Kacius (pronounced Kat-choos). This past summer she graduated from The Kaunas University of Applied Sciences with a degree in interior design. When she’s not pinning or working on interior design projects, she can be found watching her favorite tv shows and movies, usually costume dramas, including Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Atonement, and Anna Karenina, as well as biking, skiing, traveling, and doing arts and crafts. Her beautiful and focused Pinterest aesthetic has earned her over 1M Pinterest followers!

    When did you start using Pinterest and what inspired you to make an account?

    I don’t remember when exactly I started using Pinterest, but as I recall one of my friends started using it and I decided to create an account and it was love at first sight. As a design student I found this social/visual platform very useful for my studies and a great thing for spending leisure time.

    Why do you like Pinterest?

    Why wouldn’t I like Pinterest?! It has a lot of things I find positive – you can save the visuals you like, have an easy access to it’s original website and for me personally it helped to realise what style/aesthetics I’m mostly drawn to. It’s a platform that’s not just visually appealing, but also very handy, when you need to find something different and original in minutes. Want to pack your gifts with an interesting and original idea? – Pinterest. Want to find out how to clean that horrible stain from your blouse? – Pinterest. It’s an amazing guide through your every day life!

    You have gained over 1M followers! Wow! So what makes your Pinterest unique?

    I still cannot believe that number! To be honest, I never considered my Pinterest page as somehow unique. I think that people like my Pinterest page because of its style/aesthetics which consists of mostly light, monochromatic, and pastel-coloured pins.

    Have you always lived in Kaunas, Lithuania? What do you like about it there?

    Yes! I was born in, and still live in, Kaunas. My hometown is the second-largest city in Lithuania, which is a small yet lovely country in Eastern Europe. I love this city because of my loved ones that live here, the greenery and nature that surround us, and because of the experiences I have had here. My city has an amazing old town with amazing architecture that has a long and interesting history, which I’m always interested to hear and tell others about.

    Have you traveled much? If so, where and when?

    I’m very grateful to my parents. They always took my sister and I on all of their trips abroad. We have travelled a lot and seen many countries and cultures that left a huge impression on me. I’ve been in many European countries because of my dancing competitions and while travelling with my family. I have also visited Brazil, The U.S., Algeria, and Tunisia. The places that left me the biggest impression were The Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Salzburg city, Dubrovnik city and Rio de Janeiro.

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    Ieva at Antelope Canyon

    The Grand Canyon was just mesmerizing, the view was outstanding. It left me with such a calm and relaxed feeling and made me forget about everything else for a few minutes. Antelope Canyon was so different, we walked through this canyon and the red stone around us looked like a curved textured wall and was so bright. Our Indian guide played a flute while we were walking through the canyon and it felt like it wasn’t real, like a scene from a movie or something. Salzburg city amazed me when we had an afternoon stop while travelling through Austria. It was noon so all of the churches started to ring their bells. The sound was amazing. Rio de Janeiro left me with such a positive mood, the people, the greenery, the view, weather, everything was just wonderful. It was so much fun to see where Samba was born and to have a chance to dance it with the native people.

    Tell us more about your passion for dance!

    I have been dancing for about 11 years. I started when I was 7 years old and have participated in about 400 competitions all around Europe and in Lithuania. I used to dance Classical and Latin dances and dancing was literally my life, because we had lots of hours of trainings and competitions almost every weekend.

    What are your favorite boards to pin on and why?

    My Pinterest boards are a mix of inspirations for different room interiors, fashion & style, beauty, art and party/holiday decoration ideas. My favourite boards are True Words, Passion for Fashion, Flora, and Fauna. I usually pin to these boards because I think that a great quote, lovely blossoms, amazing shoes, or a cute fluffy kitten are most likely to lift up my mood for the day.

    Your Christmas Time and Pretty Kitchens boards are really beautiful! Your pins are all so beautiful and bright together. Tell us more about these boards and why you made them.

    Thank you! My Christmas Time board is a place where you can find lots of decoration ideas, photos of winter time fun and other cute and cozy stuff. And the Pretty Kitchens board is a mix of amazing interior ideas and products for my dream kitchen. I created the Christmas Time board to get some inspiration for decorating our Christmas tree and it grew to many many more pins of other wintery fun ideas. And the Pretty Kitchens board i started, when i had to create interior project for our studies, when we had to create a residential interior.

    What is your Pinterest aesthetic?

    I haven’t noticed my consistent style and aesthetic until I started pinning. I liked this and that, but I only pinned things that had that ‘wow’ factor to me personally. One day I just looked at my pins and noticed they were all so similar. They all have this light, monochromatic, or pastel-coloured palette and you can hardly find very bright and colourful things while raiding through my boards. So I guess, the main aesthetic for my pins is my love for neutral colors.

    Meet Ieva Mazeikaite – Interior Design Graduate, Dancer, and Pinterest Influencer! image KsJffHFQE CdSss71NIFmMRv2K6VC3z8XJeQ7XV48Z9RrbCC7zdWzydUbUtfhiHqgzLM8jVn6AnIgyz8rVUUj5f6mzRH Uf4AJtPYE 3yvYzqEJPt1OoaHQHjgMeet Ieva Mazeikaite – Interior Design Graduate, Dancer, and Pinterest Influencer!

    Ieva’s board

    When did your passion for interior design and blogging start? Does Pinterest inspire your work?

    My mom jokes that my passion for interior started when I was just a baby. One time she took me to her aunt’s house and I was non-stop crying. They tried everything and nothing worked until they tried to turn off the lights. So now she jokes and says that I probably didn’t like the interior. I believe that my true love for interior and blogging started when I was a teenager. The other bloggers actually were the ones that made me become interested in interior design! I was so inspired that I even chose to study this profession and I’m still utterly obsessed about it. Pinterest inspires my work very much. I find a lot of amazing ideas for furniture, color use, and interesting lighting ideas!

    Tell us more about your blog! Has Pinterest helped your content/blog get more exposure?

    I have started my home and interior-based blog at year 2011 and it’s still there, but to be honest I don’t think I am a good writer and it sometimes gets very hard to get your thoughts into written sentences. Therefore my posts are not very consistent and I don’t post that often. However, pinning my content to Pinterest always gives my blog a great exposure.

    Meet Ieva Mazeikaite – Interior Design Graduate, Dancer, and Pinterest Influencer! image fpB n32uEn9KK6JyUpwd0QMFy98wb3l4E6OXdoGnLoNGCalHVLxjJvME3TbSPy4PQNVTBzFqkibge Z5OAqO aoBjD7TN84yC7VtvXQtyaucSr5gf6VkFsC31A1Meet Ieva Mazeikaite – Interior Design Graduate, Dancer, and Pinterest Influencer!

    What are your plans and hopes for the future?

    Me and two friends of mine are planning on releasing a new website with interior design ideas and tips for planning your home. We are still in the planning stage, but I have great hopes for it. I also hope to receive more interior projects and get more experience in interior design and decoration.

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