Is Your McMansion Killing You? [Infographic]

In American culture we are often told that bigger is better.  Unless you’re trying to help people lose weight, it might as well be a standard tagline for nearly all of our business cards.  Yet, this philosophy may be increasingly linked to all kinds of negative effects on our lives.  Bigger vehicles are depleting our global supply of energy.  Bigger meals and bigger, steroid pumped meats are making us fat and sick.  Even bigger paychecks often lose their benefit by our lack of controlled spending.  They only serve our sense of entitlement and indulgence.

Then, there are our giant houses.  This infographic shows us the various ways in which our “McMansions” are killing us.  Larger homes use more energy; they allow us to distance ourselves from our families; they are a huge strain on our finances, which only causes us to run even harder in the rat race.  Compared to the 1950s, today’s American adult works harder, worries more about diet, yet consumes more calories, and gets less sleep. Many people are starting to believe that smaller homes simplify our lives in more ways that we might imagine.  Perhaps it’s time to change our cultural tagline.

Is Your McMansion Killing You? [Infographic] image McMansion.v22Is Your McMansion Killing You
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