Maximise Your Email Marketing: Tip 4

This post is my latest in a series of posts about maximising your email marketing and is all about segmenting your email marketing list.

When it comes to maximising your email marketing one of the most effective ways to create powerful and engaging email marketing campaigns is to segment your database. By segmenting your database you can personalise your content and tailor your message, which means your readers are more likely to engage and respond to you.

Now the words ‘segment your database’ can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Because virtually every single email marketing platform has the capability to segment lists it’s not rocket science, all you need is a little knowledge.

Here are three ideas on how to segment your list to get you started.

Geographical region
This type of segmentation works particularly well for bricks and mortar stores or holiday companies. You can tailor your messages to those that live or work near to your store, within a radius of xx miles or specific postcodes, or you can offer particular local holiday breaks to residents of particular counties.

This is possibly the most common form of segmentation, simply split your list into those that are male and those that are female. Promotions to do with Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s day lend themselves extremely well to this type of promotion. As do email marketing campaigns from wedding services suppliers, jewellery stores and clothing retailers.

This final type of segmentation is suitable for every business. It allows you to tailor your content to things your readers are actually interested in. For example, you probably don’t want to send a cat lover emails about dogs, but if you have collected information of your subscribers likes and interests you can tailor your messages to those that they are interested in and your tailor your offers to those they will engage with.

A word of warning: In order to segment your list you do need to have the information up front. You’re not going to be able to segment your list if all you have are email addresses so re-visit your sign up form and make sure you’re collecting the information you need.

Segmenting your database may require some work up front but the results are worth it.

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