Mastering Your Analytics: Call-Tracking Software and Your Business

Tracking the behavior of consumers can be a finicky and time consuming.  Without the proper tools it can feel as if you are blindly throwing a dart on a dartboard and hoping your predictive trajectory is somewhere in line with the goals you set when you started a particular campaign.  Fully understanding your consumer base is an essential part of a successful marketing strategy.  While it’s easy to make estimates on demographics such as mean ages, geography and genders you can never be certain until you have the facts and figures supported by clean, empirical evidence.

To accomplish this, there are a number of strategies and tools you can employ.  The landscape of business analytics is vast and varied, but if your company makes utilizes a calling service (or web entry form that asks for a phone number) be it for customer support or communication then a solid call tracking software might just be the perfect solution to unlocking the vital insights you need to make your businesses as successful as possible.

Call-tracking software works by recording certain pieces of information from phone calls received.  Unlike a recording system which has the potential to infringe upon consumer/client privacy, call tracking software only records certain pieces of information, not the phone call itself.

For example, if an individual calls your company to activate or troubleshoot a piece of software, a call tracker will record where they are calling from, the registered name at that household or business and then bring these together to make comprehensive reports.  These reports can then be used to understand the demographic of users, number of unique callers and even the frequency of calls from a particular geographical location.

If your company makes use of a web form with a phone number field this can work the same way as a traditional land line.  When a user enters their phone number, call tracking software will ping back to that user’s number once the form is submitted.  When a ping back occurs the same analytics of a phone call are able to be accessed, sometimes even more.  Web-based call-back functions can even supply you with connection speeds of that user, a piece of information that is sometimes vital in trouble shooting and dealing with customer complaints.

Call-tracking software is capable of giving you the most accurate success of your company’s marketing endeavors.  With this information you will be able to alter subsequent marketing campaigns to maximize your demographic niche.

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