Marketing Tricks: Bad Habits to Get Rid of in 2013

Marketing Tricks: Bad Habits to Get Rid of in 2013 image bad habits 1Marketing Tricks: Bad Habits to Get Rid of in 2013More, than enough has been already said, written and discussed about the ruling marketing tendencies in 2013, and those, engaged in the industry, are clear about their strategies for the year. What can be left out of sight, though, is the array of so to say bad habits, which can convert into the real hurdles on your way to success, even if you work very hard.

For what it takes, no matter how experienced you are in terms of online marketing, you won’t be able to take all aspects into consideration, surely, yet the underwater stones, mentioned below, can be removed, if you’re willing to develop your business further.

The Disease of Minor Thinking

Firstly, it’s particularly essential to cultivate innovation in your company, even if the conditions don’t seem favorable. “Despite the fact, that innovation is inevitably connected with particular risks, it should be one of the core points in development of your enterprise”, Anton Ruin, CEO of Epom admits. Thus, in case you’re still cautious about taking the plunge and moving forward from minor updates to the major changes, forget about any uncertainties and start acting.

Cowards Stay Aside

Further on to the bad habits, worth being ditched in 2013, is your fear of investments. Of course, economic crisis of 2008 has scared all, but procurement and investment remain the driving forces of your business development. If you don’t invest enough, you can’t but find yourself without “harvest” eventually, and that’s the truth you simply have to accept. Another thing, here, is to find the most worthwhile aspects to focus on, not just go on a company spending spree, but that’s the whole other issue.

Neglection of Reputation

No matter how roughly pragmatic or, perhaps, even cynical it may sound, the essence of good marketing is the acquisition of the maximized profits, yet the road to the increase of your revenue lies through the maintenance of your crystal clear reputation of being a trustworthy company that cares about its clients’ welfare. If you haven’t yet paid enough attention to the users, who’ve been consuming your goods and products before, it’s high time to alter the situation. In this respect, loyalty programs, for instance, appear to be one of the effective ways to take, but not the only one, certainly.

Rotten “My Ship Has Sailed” Concept

No matter how desperate you are about the future of your business, there shouldn’t ever come the time, when you give up or put up with the thought that your ship has sailed. Such negative approach is one of the largest intricacies and the worst habits an entrepreneur, in general, and a marketer, in particular, should definitely get rid of for good.

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