Marketing Techniques to Grow Attention and Sales

1. Create a unique title

Have you given thought to your title or is it time for an update?

Marketing Techniques to Grow Attention and Sales image shutterstock 64776520 300x300Grow sales from ShutterstockUpon hearing the title, “Director of First Impressions” my attention was immediately grabbed as I cheerfully recognized the title replaced the traditional and boring word, “Receptionist”.

The clever title captures a few important ideas and tips for helping to make yourself stand out and establish your unique personal brand.

Using the above as an example, a smile comes to everyone’s face that hears a clever title. Next, the title is completely accurate in pinpointing the words “first impressions”. As someone enters a lobby, they quickly get a first impression, and the “Director of First Impressions” is the one who is at the helm. Lastly, the title conveys the importance the company holds in the first impressions others have and its desire to build solid relationships with those who enter. A simple but thoughtful title encapsulates what is important to the company and the people involved.

2. Update your online profiles

Is your profile information current on each of the online sites you use? Rewrite anything that is out of date and be certain to include your updates too. Check these quarterly to review and refine.

If you aren’t aware some of these sites have official company newsletters that offer tips for attracting more traffic and increased followings. Register for these, read religiously and implement their suggestions.

For example, “Nancy” updated her Twitter account by adding meaningful photos both along the right side her page as well as in the background that identifies visually what she has to offer. She quickly recognized the updates were well-worth the time spent reading and implementing the tips as she witnessed a quick jump in Twitter followers. She claims the jump occurred because her page is now more impressive and matches what she claims to be. Everything she says, does and posts are now in alignment with one another.

In other words, your profile pages become statements integrating all you do, building integrity, and serving to further attract prospects, clients, and increased opportunities.

LinkedIn has also changed how profiles appear. Is your LinkedIn profile up-to-date? Have you thoughtfully included pertinent keywords to describe your areas of expertise? Richard noticed once he updated his profile, more people began to contact him with outstanding requests. He is also attracting more endorsements from those in his network without having to ask. His network has essentially become his salesforce!

Adding a touch of creativity that puts a smile on another’s face will increase the likelihood of attracting many more to you personally and to your business. Being aware of new strategies and implementing everywhere and early will earn you the recognition you desire. It’s obvious that as your brand development improves, so will business development on all fronts and places you on the wave of the Smooth Sale!


Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, LLC, (800) 704-1499, was honored by Open View Labs with inclusion in their international list of “Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012.” Elinor authored the International Best-Selling book, “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results”, Sourcebooks and the best selling career book, “HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews”, Career Press. Elinor offers highly acclaimed inspirational keynotes for conferences and is available for consultation.

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