Marketing Technical Products to the Layman

Marketing technical products within a given field to only experienced professionals is relatively easy since everyone is familiar with particular phrases and measurements. It is far more difficult to market a new technical product to the general public. The advantages of the product need to be explained in a way that makes sense without taking away from the advanced and specific nature of the item. We here at Ecrion face this challenge almost every day. While our software is meant for any business with data (which is really any business) and affects all consumers and investors, trying to explain how the software works and why it’s unique can sometimes pose a challenge. Here is some advice I would give to anyone who is attempting to market a highly technical product to laymen outside the industry:

The most essential part of marketing technical products to a layman is to explain the problems that the product solves. Technical products from computer aided drafting suites to phase converters all solve a very specific problem. Unfortunately, some marketers make the mistake of not mentioning exactly what that problem is. Consumers who realize that a particular product is a solution to a problem that is currently being experienced will pay close attention to the message. The problem that the product solves should be stated in as clear and broad of a way as possible in order to avoid narrowing the audience to a small niche market.

The next important step is to show or explain how the product solves the problem. This can sometimes be difficult depending on the marketing channel. A layman who now knows the product can solve a problem will want to know how. The explanation does not need to be overly technical. It should show the ultimate result such as a rendered animation, an accurate electrical reading or a finished product. The communication should express that a layman does not need an advanced level of skill to use the product successfully.

Marketers who regularly work within a technical field sometimes become blind to the use of jargon or highly specialized terms. Technical features that might seem impressive to a person within a given field will likely be nothing more than static to a layman. This scatters the message and wastes valuable resources. The features of the product should be explained in clear terms using common words that anyone would understand. It is normally best to describe features and specifications in terms of how they will benefit the end-user and not how they are constructed.

Marketing a technical product to laymen is most successful when the message remains focused. This is a problem for some developers and manufacturers. Many modern technical products are filled with a number of advanced features and capabilities. The core functionality is supported by bells and whistles that could become very valuable to consumers over time. Explaining each one of these extra features will not have much meaning to a person who is just learning how the product works and what problems it solves. The marketing should be focused on the core functionality of the product and solutions it provides without delving into minor advantages.

Some laymen will have difficulty connecting a technical product to everyday life regardless of the ease of use or functionality. A successful marketing campaign will show the product in common use in a familiar environment. This means showing the product being used by an average person to solve a practical problem in an environment that a layman will be able to identify. This gives the product context and allows potential customers to see exactly how it can fit into everyday life.

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