The Marketing Skill Most People Don’t Teach You

The Marketing Skill Most People Don’t Teach You image phonegirl edited 11The Marketing Skill Most People Don’t Teach YouWhen you sign up for marketing mentorship, you’ll get tips on marketing, accounting, and organizing time. You may even get tips on how to experience successful networking. Usually these tips focus on what to do when you attend a livevent and you want to introduce yourself: create an elevator speech, work a room, and more.

But nobody teaches you how to make a phone call or write a letter.

Just this past week, I received three phone calls from people who had seen my name. Each one began by saying something like, “Hi Cathy. I think we have some things in common. I see you are from New York…”

Or, “I like what you’re doing. Is there some way we could work together?”

Or, “I’d like to connect with you. What do you do?”

It seems rude to come right out and ask, “What is the purpose of this phone call?” or, “Hey, you called me! If you don’t know what I do, why did you call?”

I usually give someone five to ten minutes. Then I pop the question.

Usually my caller is surprised. “Oh, I just wondered if you had any ideas on…”

Well, I do have ideas. Lots of them. They’re for sale. I try to say that politely. But, I realize, these people have businesses. Some are quite successful. Why don’t they value my time?

Maybe they never learned. Here’s the script I recommend:

“Hi Cathy. My name is Andy. I saw your name on the [fill in name] forum. I am interested in working with you on a joint venture involving downloadable products. Is this a good time to talk?”If I say yes, the next step is:
“I wrote an ebook that I believe would appeal to your target market. It sells for $49 and I am offering a 50% split. The title is, ‘copywriting black magic: spells to transform the most resistant client around.’ Would this be something of interest?”

Note that Andy helpfully gave me the title. If he wanted to promote certain spiritual systems or medical products, I would be able to save both of us some time, as they’re out of my area.

Or he might say, “I have a teleseminar series. My target market is midlife career changers. Would you like to be a guest?”

Or even, “I notice you have a teleseminar series. I would love to be a guest. My expertise is in … and I will be promoting the teleseminar to my list of 5000.” Now he’s told me what he’ll bring to the table. I’m interested.

And I’m more likely to work with Andy because he’s conscious of time: his and mine. He’s focused and task-oriented…just the kind of alliance partner who hears a “yes” pretty often.

By the way, developing approaches to prospective alliance partners is one of the possibilities we can explore a TurnAround Session.

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